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Run — May 6, 2012


It seemed so easy to sign up for the .5marathon five months ago.

It definitely wasn’t easy fitting in all of those training runs (in fact, most of the time I didn’t… )

It has been a daily challenge, as of late, to get as mentally prepared for this event as I possibly can.

A roller coaster, if you will.

Now, here I sit, trying to gather up my final preparations… Listening to the pouring rain outside (I know, awesome huh?)

We’ll see how this goes.

As miserable as some (most) of this has made me, I can feel a small bit inside of me saying, “let’s do this again.”

I still haven’t decided if I will listen.

Race Day — May 2, 2010

Race Day

Cheering on my friends that are running the Lincoln Marathon (Full or Half – either way, y’all ROCK!) today!!!

Five years ago i set out for that 13.1 mile race. i think about it everyday… and probably talk about it way too often, considering it happened FIVE Years Ago! sheesh!

I had planned to train for it again this year, but of course, The Bumpit changed my training schedule a bit.

now, one year out, it’s easy enough to say, “Heck yeah, i’ll run next year”… but, at almost 31… i think that’s a pretty good goal for which to shoot… who knows, maybe you just might see me out there.

for nostalgia’s sake– here is me. post race. 2005.
LOVE that sign my mom made me! still have it, in fact!

and my cheering section. My mom recently reminded me that this very moment was the first time The Parents met AJ… good times!

Running in the Rain… Just Running in the Rain — July 20, 2009

Running in the Rain… Just Running in the Rain

well, this might be my first official running blog post.

I ran today– TA DAH!!!

and i took the pooches with me. (and they loved it, thank you very much!)

for the last two weeks, i have been on the illustrious Truck$ & Buck$ Truck Tour (which has completely and totally wiped me out… seriously, i slept all weekend!)… being on the road has been a blast – i have a had a chance to see more of the nooks and crannies of this awesome state (seriously) and am having lots of fun along the way. And, as you know, for me, food=love, so i have had plenty of yucky, sticky, gooey, yummy road food… and lots of sitting in the Blackshirt Tundra whilst driving isn’t so good for the booty. one might think that singing at the top of my lungs to Crazy Ex-Girlfriend by Miranda Lambert would create a slight caloric burn, but, alas, that appears (by my recent reflection) to not so much be the case…. whew.

so, after a slightly stressful day of trying to cram in a weeks worth of email reading into a few scant hours, i came home to my bored puppies and grabbed their leashes and dusted off my running shoes (trainers, for my British chums!) and out we strutted in the light rain…. well, it got a bit heavier when we hit the half-way point, but Miss Lucy was happy to keep trotting along… apparently, the lack of beating sun and radiating pavement was a good jogging combo for her… and even THOR broke into a bit of a trot (instead of his typical speed walk)…

brace yourselves – we got back to our house, and all concurred to keep on trucking — so we added another 1/2 mile through UPCO park and made our way back…

people – this is HUGE. we never ADD steps! how exciting… maybe, just maybe, this girl’s got her stride back!!!!!!

bad blood and raw fish — April 30, 2009

bad blood and raw fish

apparently, the Blood Bank doesn’t want my blood… or, i need to ingest more iron in order to donate. so, back again i shall go next week, same bat time, same bat channel in an attempt to donate. bugger.

since they didn’t mandate “no strenuous activity or heavy lifting” i felt like it was a sign that i must get out and run … and i did take the Lucy with me… she did well. it was humid and she plopped down the second we got home. i think i am going to try taking her for short runs, and then go get THOR for the longer ones… he has the endurance.

Then, AJ surprised me with a Date Night – we drove to Omaha (Ooh, the Big City!) and had Sushi! if you are in the Omaha area i highly recommend checking out Baby Blue… the awesomest thing for me – the Beef Tenderloin was cooked on river rocks and brought to us sizzling atop the rocks… fab- and oh-so-tasty!!!

then, i sabotaged the run with a Sonic Blast… darn those Butterfingers!

Feedback Please: Lucy — April 23, 2009
April Showers… — April 9, 2009

April Showers…

boy-oh-boy- they had better bring me some May Flowers!

yesterday was nice though, i took the pups our for a 2-ish-mile slog through Nebraska Wesleyan University, and i would venture to say that a fun time was, indeed, had by all!

proof to that, here’s Miss Lu, crashed out in the dining room after our return:
Sprint PictureMail

today- my feet hurt… but they hurt in my heels, well before i strapped on the running shoes… i wish it was April 16th, so that i had a reason for walking around barefoot at work! (cool, huh? i learned about this from Crystal)

Alas, tomorrow is AJ’s birthday- YEA FOR 32!!! he is at home in Hastings visiting his parents right now, so i am going to sneak out tonight and grab some decorations!! 😉 (shhhh!)

Happy Birthday, Eve, My Love!

What Good Shall I Do This Day? — February 26, 2009

What Good Shall I Do This Day?

(title referenced from here)

i donated blood today! one more time and i am at three gallons! whoopie!

but then, as i sat in the chair with the last ounces to go– the phlebotomist reminded me,
– eat three square meals (Done!)
– drink lots of fluids (done, and done)
– don’t do any heavy lifting (switch purse to other arm)
– don’t do any strenuous activities (done… wait – what about my Lenten Goal?)

yesterday i squeezed in a quick mile with the pups between the Husker baseball victory (yea!) and dinner with the God Children (double yea!)

but today, alas, what shall i do?

i am thinking a steady session with the wii fit – no pushups – might do the trick… and then of course, some more knitting!!!

Happy Lent, day 2, to you all… and if you are looking for a way to save a life, and can mentally focus away from a big huge needle in your arm for 10 minutes– please go donate some blood! 😉

Happy Ash Wednesday — February 25, 2009

Happy Ash Wednesday

(is it blasphemous to say that?… this isn’t a cake baking occasion, is it?)

so lent begins… and being Catholic Without The Guilt (Episcopalian – one that doesn’t end up at Church very often…) i sometimes dabble in the fun of giving up – or taking on – something for Lent.

Last year i thought about giving up swearing, caffeine and crabbiness – but when my alarm went off on Ash Wednesday last year, the first thought in my head was S#!t, its way too early – i am too crabby to deal with today, i need some coffee… so there went that resolution.

but i thought about it the other day– and i think i will ADD something this year– my goal is to run one mile each day during lent…

okay, i tend to cheat a bit, and if i miss a day, i tack it on to the days after Easter… i fear that i may be adding days until November… but no, i am asserting that i will stick with the plan– now, if i can only find time today to make that mile count…

(the ultimate goal is to get back into shape, and hopefully, by Easter, be doing more than one mile per day– we shall see… oh, we shall see…)

as inspiration – here is me, May 2005, 2 minutes after crossing the line of the Lincoln Half Marathon — and about one minute after scarfing down a powerbar, liter of water and a bacon, egg & cheese biscuit from McD’s… GO KT!

Knitting on the Run — December 5, 2008

Knitting on the Run

‘Tis the season when my jeans unexplainably shrink in my closet between wearings. ‘Tis also the season where i prefer to sit on my rear and knock out some knits while i pare down the DVR listing piling up. This combination is not so much a good “fit” for the shrinking jean predicament.

I wish i could knit and run at the same time….

but i have tried reading and running, and that’s not even possible. reading and walking is slightly life threatening enough….

oh, but if i could find a way to run and to knit, you would find one happy girl… in her skinny jeans and an adorable cable knit scarf, no doubt…

I wonder what Stephanie would think of this… I love Stephanie’s blog – find it here at: She is too cute, and funny. And, congratulations to her and her recent engagement, and completion of a half marathon… I have never met Stephanie, but I am sure we would be friends!

I stumbled upon Stephanie’s blog through Khara’s amazing photo site and blog, KaBloom!… Stephanie, you see, has contracted Khara to photograph her upcoming wedding (lucky, lucky girl!)… and if you are in the Lincoln-area, or plan to be, and need amazing photos of your life – contact Khara- please!!! you’ll be glad you did!

well, i have three scarves to finish quite soon– and only one is a gift– what can i say? i’m a scarfy kind of girl… but then there are baby hats (because people keep having babies two-by-two, and i am oh-so-excited! yea for the pink and the blue!) and big boy hats and hunting caps and then, this new thing i want to try:
loving this which i found here
Because, how perfect is that for those that don’t really like the scarf thing, but have cold necks? I think i shall make one for me (of course!) and one for the blonde sister-in-law… you know, that “Awesome Mom-On-The-Go”-type that doesn’t have time, nor need for something that could potentially strangle… but we all should have warm necks, no?

oh my oh me… so much to do, and then there’s the all important JAYOHBEE in which to maintain…

PLUS – i am two books in to the Twilight Series…

ah… if only you could knit and read at the same time….