bad blood and raw fish

apparently, the Blood Bank doesn’t want my blood… or, i need to ingest more iron in order to donate. so, back again i shall go next week, same bat time, same bat channel in an attempt to donate. bugger.

since they didn’t mandate “no strenuous activity or heavy lifting” i felt like it was a sign that i must get out and run … and i did take the Lucy with me… she did well. it was humid and she plopped down the second we got home. i think i am going to try taking her for short runs, and then go get THOR for the longer ones… he has the endurance.

Then, AJ surprised me with a Date Night – we drove to Omaha (Ooh, the Big City!) and had Sushi! if you are in the Omaha area i highly recommend checking out Baby Blue… the awesomest thing for me – the Beef Tenderloin was cooked on river rocks and brought to us sizzling atop the rocks… fab- and oh-so-tasty!!!

then, i sabotaged the run with a Sonic Blast… darn those Butterfingers!


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