Happy Ash Wednesday

(is it blasphemous to say that?… this isn’t a cake baking occasion, is it?)

so lent begins… and being Catholic Without The Guilt (Episcopalian – one that doesn’t end up at Church very often…) i sometimes dabble in the fun of giving up – or taking on – something for Lent.

Last year i thought about giving up swearing, caffeine and crabbiness – but when my alarm went off on Ash Wednesday last year, the first thought in my head was S#!t, its way too early – i am too crabby to deal with today, i need some coffee… so there went that resolution.

but i thought about it the other day– and i think i will ADD something this year– my goal is to run one mile each day during lent…

okay, i tend to cheat a bit, and if i miss a day, i tack it on to the days after Easter… i fear that i may be adding days until November… but no, i am asserting that i will stick with the plan– now, if i can only find time today to make that mile count…

(the ultimate goal is to get back into shape, and hopefully, by Easter, be doing more than one mile per day– we shall see… oh, we shall see…)

as inspiration – here is me, May 2005, 2 minutes after crossing the line of the Lincoln Half Marathon — and about one minute after scarfing down a powerbar, liter of water and a bacon, egg & cheese biscuit from McD’s… GO KT!


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