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A Tastee Start to February — February 2, 2009

A Tastee Start to February

Super Bowl Fun commenced with some work buddies, and i was feeling all sorts of domestical, so I finally dug out Connie’s recipe for Tastee Burgers (really, they are loose meat sandwiches)… a Lincoln Favorite… and i was worried about the final result, being that I knew some major Tastee Fans would be at the party– I am happy to report, all in attendance felt they were just as good as the Drive-Inn… Even AJ liked them, and i could tell that he was skeptical at best whilst helping me make them.

I may have minced onions, but i won’t mince words… they are greasy… gooey, messy and that’s what makes them oh-so-good, i do believe.
And, due to request, i will include the recipe here… i will warn you, this is a vintage recipe – my copy is a photo copy from a type-written version… yes, before even a word processor! 😉


Use 8 oz. measuring cup with:
4 oz. catsup
3 heaping tsp. prepared mustard
3 heaping tsp. Silver Spring Cream Horseradish
3 level tsp. Worchester Sauce
5 heaping tsp. iodized salt
1/4 tsp. Black Pepper
if this doesn’t fill 8 oz. cup, ADD Catsup to fill.

8 oz. chopped yellow onions (finely chopped)
1 tsp. Accent*
8 oz. Water

5 lbs ground hamburger

Put finely ground beef (lean) in aluminum kettle.
Put 8 oz. cup of seasoning over beef.
Fill measuring cup with 8 oz. warm water and pour into kettle.
Fill cup with 8 oz. finely ground yellow onions.
Add 1 heaping Tsp. Accent on meat.
Mix with wooden spoon.
Put on low heat stirring constantly for 15 minutes.
Increat heat by 1/4 until mix boils.
Let boil for 25 minutes.
Stir often.
Put mustard on bun and very thin sliced dill pickels.
Use slotted spoon to put Tastees on buns.

Recipe may be halved. (and not so sure on why to use the wooden spoon, but we followed to a T.)

* okay- i was unsure what Accent was, but we bought it, tasted it, realized it tastes nothing like salt, but is tasty in its own right. then i just googled it – and found this… ummm… i unknowingly added MSG… and now have a big bottle of it in spice rack… oy vey! i would guess it could be omitted if you are afraid of MSG… EEK!)

I apologize that i do not have photos of the actual cooking or eating process of the tastees (i need to be better at doing that!), but here are some other photos of the fun!

Flat Stanley was very excited for the coin flip!

Jim- the Official Tastee Taster

Our Host, Will, preparing Flat Stanley for the excitement of the 3-D event after the first half

Obligatory Becker Fun Time Photo Op

I was Switzerland on the whole game… i could have gone either way– i am a big fan of Bennie Roethlisberger… as i affectionately call him… but i did receive the Kurt Warner email, and was equally endeared… so, it was a fun game…

oh, and i also promised Becky that i would post my salsa recipe: (prepare yourself, it’s quite good!)


1 can Mexican-style Stewed Tomatoes
3-4 Roma Tomatoes (but yesterday i used a pack of grape tomatoes… go with what looks good and isn’t going to cause you to take out a loan to purchase!)
1 clove garlic
1 bunch cilantro
1 jalapeno (cored and seeded to your heat preference)
Salt & Pepper to taste

I prefer to use a blender. Add stewed tomatoes, sliced tomatoes garlic and jalapeno to blender. Pulse-chop until mixed. tear off top half of cilantro bunch (the part with the leaves) and place in blender, add salt and pepper. Pulse-chop until well mixed. Refrigerate at least one hour before serving. YUMMO!
(i also added 1/2 yellow onion, and extra garlic… really, you can make it how you like it!)

Okay- back to the day… and i have to prepare for my trip to the post office– gotta get these into the mail for a Son of a Cousin and a certain Blonde in OKC!

(and it’s also time to send Flat Stanley on his way for more fun adventures!)

The Lincoln Adventures of Flat Stanley — January 29, 2009

The Lincoln Adventures of Flat Stanley

let me tell you – Flat Stanley has descended upon the Becker’s!

He has taken a tour around the world, To Japan and back, through Colorado and has spent the last three weeks sitting on my dining table… EEK!

So, its time to dust him off, give him a quick tour of Lincoln, and send him on his way… oh where, oh where shall i send him next?

Here are the fun photos of his visit (once finally freed from his traveling folder):

Flat Stanley meets Lucy

Flat Stanley kindly helps me with an unfinished knitting project!
Thanks, Flat Stanley!

Flat Stanley, being the celebrity that he is, was invited to attend a special pre-game meal with members of the Husker Sports Network before the NU vs KU basketball game – 1/28/09

from my seat in Section C-4, Row 21, Seat 11, you can see my parents across the arena — yea for extreme zoom, boo for blurriness!

Flat Stanley says, GO HUSKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(funny, as we took this photo, the people seated behind us said, “FLAT STANLEY!!!”… apparently they once took him along on a five-week trip through Australia!)

Photobucket Photobucket
you may recall my friend, Neil, from a previous post. Well, now he’s even more famous for (a) being on radio talking all things Lottery, during Halftime, and (b) for being awesome!

Good, Good times, Flat Stanley… thanks for visiting… enjoy the rest of your journey!