The Boy Does Good

AJ did a good thing today. He donated a pint of blood! I am so proud! You may, or may not, know that i am BIG fan of donating blood. My Grandma B. was a major donor giving multiple gallons over her lifetime. My dad and I try to uphold her legacy through regular donations. […]

a dose of reality

one of the reasons i love being a part of the Advertising Federation of Lincoln is that each year we adopt a local non-profit and help them with an advertising/communications campaign (gratis). Last year, we worked with Junior Achievement of Lincoln – which is near and dear to my heart. now, in my presidential year […]

Beadles, Sponge Bob, Frisbees and Stromboli

Oh, what a Monday! First, i had the pleasure of joining my Mom and Grandpa R at the Beadle Center to meet up with some Sixth Graders from Dawes Middle School – the recipients of a Remigio Teaching Excellence Grant… it was cool. I drive by the Beadle Center every morning on my way to […]