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Boden — September 7, 2010


Yes, I am aware that there is a British Clothing company called Boden.

In fact, i think their stuff is quite cute, and have plans to buy something from them, one day.

but no, the store was in no way part of the naming process for Baby B… though i do see it as a happy coincidence.

however, i am considering naming a future child, “J. Crew“!

Boden — July 1, 2010


our sweet baby B. this is the name we were finally able to agree on, and we just love it.

yes, we might shorten it a bit… there are a few different possibilities. but i like Boden just fine.

and we thought we made it up – slightly… but apparently, it exists in a baby book, found at Barnes & Noble:
Sprint PictureMail

thanks to those of you that helped weigh-in on the name game… and i’ll just make you wait a few years to learn the girl’s name we had locked in!

the name game — February 19, 2010

the name game

so it’s true, we have finally settled on a boy name – should we blessed by blue, come June.

but nope. we’re not telling.

however, i must say- that journey to find the right boy’s name was an interesting one.

as i may have mentioned previously, i decided years ago on the girl’s name… and made it clear that there was no negotiating on that.

so, one would think, since i chose the girl’s name, i should be kind enough to let AJ pick the boy’s name.

yes, but that would be assuming that i play fair – which, of course, i do not.

i had known for a long time that AJ had really enjoyed a certain boy’s name that really just made me say ‘ick” every time i heard it. i don’t care if it was used in a Legendary Waterfall movie with a certain hottie actor. i still felt that name was girly and i wasn’t having it.

i tried to be sweet. i tried offering alternatives.
– Carson?
– Camden?
– Ryder?
– Quincy?


then i would get my nose out of joint. why didn’t he like my names? hrumph!

then i started to make a game out of it.
(We already have a THOR, so why not add another God-like presence?)

Ndamukong (my personal fave)

LaDainian (or really, just add a “La” to anything on the list)
Ocho Cinco

oh, the games we played… and still were at a stalemate.

the one morning, AJ asked what i thought of a certain name. I calmed myself and tried not to noticeably wrinkle my nose and said…. “hmmm… i’ll think about it.”

later that day i texted, “That name isn’t all that bad…”

but later that day i made one more push for AJ to consider the name Ryder.

there was the nose wrinkle.

so i thought on it, and suddenly a longer version of his choice came to mind, well, it just seemed right. it seemed perfect.

i found the right time to spring my variation on him, and he said, “That’s it. (said name outloud). Yep. I like it!”

so, we have a name.

and i may, or may not have already given you a hint to what it is! (tee hee)

Baby Jaguar? — January 25, 2010
all in a name — January 22, 2010

all in a name

Thanks to everyone for weighing in on the Great Debate.
Keep ’em coming!

As for how things are going inside the walls of the Becker Home:
AJ is just sure it’s a Girl – and he is terrified. He knows what teenage boys can be like – he was one, not so long ago – and he fears for his unborn daughter.

I am sure it’s going to be a Boy – b/c I’ve had the girl’s name securely decided for years… but not a single boy’s name is even piquing my interest…. zero. (okay, maybe there’s one, but i’m not telling)… so i joke that if it is a boy, it will come home with the girl’s name and that will be that!

so – at this point, if you have boy name ideas– real, silly, whatever… bring ’em on! we’re listening.

and you never know – we might use your suggestion!
KT, AJ and The Bean.