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giveaway opp — April 8, 2011

giveaway opp

It’s Friday, It’s Friday, Today’s The End of the Week!

My mom used to sing me that song to wake me up for school. now, I sing it to Baby B.

Friday’s are fun. so are giveaways- especially if you win!

my friend, Alison, is hosting a bracelet giveaway on her blog. Check it out!

and good luck!

a present for Lucy! — June 14, 2010

a present for Lucy!

i just bought this for Lucy!

maybe it’s because i am so excited about TCU making it to the College World Series

or maybe it’s because her Husker collar is slowly losing it’s cute imprint and becoming just a black collar on a black dog.

i had decided that purple was probably the color of choice for my girl – i just wasn’t finding anything i liked at the big-box pet stores… and then i remembered, ETSY!

so i found the cute one through this link

and here are some other cute ones i considered:

from here

from here and here’s the website

from here

from here

from here

i love etsy!

too cute not to share — October 6, 2009

too cute not to share

a quick google search led me to an etsy site that combines two of my loves:

Go Here to see what i mean!!!

How cute is this?

oh, if only my sister-in-law knitted…

even the TOYS!

and even for you cat-lovers- she has THESE to offer.

okay, i can’t stop!

GNOMES! Seriously!

knitting animals!!

Woolly Pink Sheep!

etsy is awesome. i highly recommend you check it out, if you have a few spare hours!!!
Buy Handmade!