Cheering on my friends that are running the Lincoln Marathon (Full or Half – either way, y’all ROCK!) today!!!

Five years ago i set out for that 13.1 mile race. i think about it everyday… and probably talk about it way too often, considering it happened FIVE Years Ago! sheesh!

I had planned to train for it again this year, but of course, The Bumpit changed my training schedule a bit.

now, one year out, it’s easy enough to say, “Heck yeah, i’ll run next year”… but, at almost 31… i think that’s a pretty good goal for which to shoot… who knows, maybe you just might see me out there.

for nostalgia’s sake– here is me. post race. 2005.
LOVE that sign my mom made me! still have it, in fact!

and my cheering section. My mom recently reminded me that this very moment was the first time The Parents met AJ… good times!