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ponderment: ‘New’ Christmas? — January 15, 2014

ponderment: ‘New’ Christmas?

so i have a proposition:

hows about we move Christmas to Mid-January?

now, bear with me here. there are benefits to this:
1) HalloweenThanksgivingChristmasNewYears — it’s all too crammed in there, people!
2) let’s face it, early January is no fun. at. all. it’s cold, people are depressed… let’s move this joyous occasion and soften that blow a little bit.
3) once we celebrate “new” Christmas, we have a few more weeks and then we have Valentine’s Day, and then Easter and then SPRING… who doesn’t love spring?
4) for the religious sort, this may mess up some calendars and years of historic celebration, but i am sure we can all adjust.
5) for the retailers, this adds 2-3 more weeks for shopping and preparing… and let’s be honest – it’s the retailers that seem to be running the show lately (See: Black Friday shopping on Thanksgiving — apparently nothing IS sacred, people!), and a few more weeks mean a few more dollars running through their tills.
6) finally, if this were in effect, TODAY would be Christmas, a Holly Jolly Day, if there ever was one!

think about it.

Hey How Are Ya? Happy New Year! — January 6, 2009

Hey How Are Ya? Happy New Year!

Ah, 2009. No flying cars to speak of, no aliens that i know of, no threat of impending doom… but then again, i don’t watch the news, so what do i know?

But December did find a way to wrap itself up neatly and tightly. The holidays were, in a word, hitchless… if that is a word. AJ and I even managed to prepare, cook and serve a full Christmas meal for the in-laws! This one-dish girl was able to pull off various sides and even a cheesecake, to boot! yea me! (yea us!)

Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure!

12/20/08 – Karaoking at Legends… goofy as always

Christmas Eve at the Belka’s

Miss Sophie modeling the no-sew tu-tu i created (thanks, Meghan!), in which i alluded to back on December 16… isn’t she adorable? and i just want to gobble up that little Chaser! LOVE THEM!
–You can find the how-to at this link

Christmas day with the Becker’s… that’s whats left of the awesome meal we produced!

this is me and my Sweet Susie modeling our new sunglasses from Santa!

And then it was New Year’s Eve… Thanks to The Aten’s for hosting another fun (and meatless) event!

I sure do like things that make noise!

Jonny happily showed off his favorite xmas present… my fave is the protective shoe barrier!

you’ll notice that AJ was not as successful with the big pilsner pull

I like to call this one: “The Before”…

…and of course, this one is: “The After”

Happy 2009 Everyone!!!

Well, We wish all of you (okay, both of you reading this!) a very Happy New Year and wish you nothing but the best for 2009!