Busy, Busy Miss B!

whew. i feel like i have been going non-stop for quite awhile. and i think it’s true. this week has been especially crazy and we are coming up on a hugely busy weekend– but i do see that light at the end of the tunnel, yes i do. i was oh-so-excited to realize that Monday […]

Tweets, Terminators & TuTu’s

Governor Schwarzenegger is following me on twitter… me? really? weird and, this is what i made last night for Miss Sophie’s Bday you may recall that i referenced her tu-tu’s here, way back when… and i promised here i would make more… well, the girl turns Three next week, and Christmas was how long ago… […]

Hey How Are Ya? Happy New Year!

Ah, 2009. No flying cars to speak of, no aliens that i know of, no threat of impending doom… but then again, i don’t watch the news, so what do i know? But December did find a way to wrap itself up neatly and tightly. The holidays were, in a word, hitchless… if that is […]