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Boden’s 2 Cool Birthday Zoo! (part TWO!) — June 27, 2012

Boden’s 2 Cool Birthday Zoo! (part TWO!)

We held the birthday party on June 17th – three years running to celebrate B’s birthday on Father’s Day. Thanks once again to all of the dads for sharing their day.

as mentioned in the previous post, we decided on the ZOO theme, due to Bo’s love of all things animal – especially those that make noises.

admittedly, i was able to fully utilize my love for Pinterest by cataloging all of my ideas and such here.

here are some pics of the day:
the birthday boy!

Mommy, Boden & Daddy

banner says: “Welcome 2 Boden’s Zoo!”


Stick Horses as Party Favors


two cakes

one, up close (hint: i used the animals from his Little People ZOO!)

singing HB2U

eating cake (who needs a fork?!)

Opening presents!

Riding the new Balance Bike

a repeat of the signed photo matte (a hit at the first bday)

and of course, a repeat of the photo booth!

(check back soon for more photo booth pics!)

Work Surprise! — May 28, 2010

Work Surprise!

i work with the best people!

today was a fun day – and a great way to round out the week.

Fridays always seem to have an air of mischief around them – but today, a bit more so, i would say.

just about lunch time, everyone was kind of milling around my office- all a’buzz.

then, in walks my sweet husband with an Edible Arrangements bouquet- yummo!

and then everyone begins to shuffle me downstairs for lunch – they catered in, and had a birthday AND baby balloon for me (us, AJ was there, of course) and presents and goodies. and then we all watched the movie Baby Mama.

this place is awesome!


On the Eve of My 30th Year —

On the Eve of My 30th Year

i just stopped by a post from one year ago today, and my-oh-my what a difference a year makes.

last year i was complaining that i had to wake up at 4am to use the Ladies’… now’a’days… i’m lucky if i make it all the way to 4am… but that’s more of a Bumpit issue, than an aging issue.

yes, tomorrow is the big three-oh. i’m pretty much not as intimidated by it as i thought i might be oh, say, 365 days ago. i guess my priorities have changed… or at least i have a little more on my mind than a pity party.

c’est la vie.

i did find it funny though, that i received an email from my dad earlier this week. he was forwarding an email message from an intern at his office that i happen to know. the note said something to the effect of the following:
“After what seemed to be the longest year of my life I can happily say I am finally 21!!
There are cookies up front for everyone to enjoy.. some chocolate chip, M&M, and Reeses Pieces!”

isn’t it funny that you count down the days to 21… but then you start trying to find ways to stop counting toward subsequent years?

ah, life… gotta love it… it’s the only one we’ll get!

29 times the fun! — June 2, 2009

29 times the fun!

well, the birthday weekend went off without a hitch. i will admit, yes, i do feel older. odd…

but it was a great time! filled with Raspberry Margaritas, Karaoke, Roller Derby (!), Japanese BBQ and of course, more fun times with family and friends!

here is a photo representation:
Birthday Week Kick-off – Memorial Day Picnic with the fam
(i think aunt june loves swinging more than even sophie!)

Uncle AJ & Chaser take a turn at the swings

a birthday night out with my besties!

there’s always room for a round of “Love Shack

can you say, “Yummo!”??

Family Photo at Tokyo Steakhouse!

Gettin’ Fit with the Wii! — May 29, 2009
on the eve of my 29th year — May 28, 2009

on the eve of my 29th year



Thirty, minus one.

the age that most women “pretend to be from this point forward.”

oy vey.
however did it come to this. honestly. i feel like maybe this should only be 27. surely, i am wiser than 24, and older the 26, but do i really feel like i did 28 justice? i hope so, but how can one be sure?

i started the day at 4am… this time, not because Lucy needed to be let out… but because I needed to be “let out”… i even had to wake up The Lu and offer her the opportunity for a “good potty!”… if only i weren’t so OLD, i would have been able to sleep till my alarm. oh, the days of sleeping to, and even THROUGH my alarm. alas. i am growing up.

more so than you might ever believe, i guess.

yesterday, i found a stray hair on my shoulder that was once happily attached to my scalp. i lose a lot of hair. it frightens me, sometimes. this one was WHITE. that is what i would call, “Bittersweet”…

Bitter, because it was WHITE, Sweet, because the white hair was no longer on my head… but i am sure two more will grow in its place.


well, its 10:02 in the PM, and this old lady needs to drag her tired bones to bed.

So, i’ll raise a glass of Listerine to 29. May this year bring many more adventures and opportunities for growth. May i maximize all happy things and find a way to enjoy the little things (like my baby, Lucy, laying so sweetly next to me as i type), while letting go of the stressful things (like five minutes ago, when Lucy was standing just out of arm’s length barking at me for no apparent reason – without consolation.)

In turn, dear Reader (i know you are out there somewhere, friend!), i too, wish you happiness, love, grace, humility, passion and joy!

see you on the other side. possibly wiser… definitely older. 😉

Happy Good Friday — April 10, 2009
April Showers… — April 9, 2009

April Showers…

boy-oh-boy- they had better bring me some May Flowers!

yesterday was nice though, i took the pups our for a 2-ish-mile slog through Nebraska Wesleyan University, and i would venture to say that a fun time was, indeed, had by all!

proof to that, here’s Miss Lu, crashed out in the dining room after our return:
Sprint PictureMail

today- my feet hurt… but they hurt in my heels, well before i strapped on the running shoes… i wish it was April 16th, so that i had a reason for walking around barefoot at work! (cool, huh? i learned about this from Crystal)

Alas, tomorrow is AJ’s birthday- YEA FOR 32!!! he is at home in Hastings visiting his parents right now, so i am going to sneak out tonight and grab some decorations!! 😉 (shhhh!)

Happy Birthday, Eve, My Love!