Knitting on the Run

‘Tis the season when my jeans unexplainably shrink in my closet between wearings. ‘Tis also the season where i prefer to sit on my rear and knock out some knits while i pare down the DVR listing piling up. This combination is not so much a good “fit” for the shrinking jean predicament.

I wish i could knit and run at the same time….

but i have tried reading and running, and that’s not even possible. reading and walking is slightly life threatening enough….

oh, but if i could find a way to run and to knit, you would find one happy girl… in her skinny jeans and an adorable cable knit scarf, no doubt…

I wonder what Stephanie would think of this… I love Stephanie’s blog – find it here at: She is too cute, and funny. And, congratulations to her and her recent engagement, and completion of a half marathon… I have never met Stephanie, but I am sure we would be friends!

I stumbled upon Stephanie’s blog through Khara’s amazing photo site and blog, KaBloom!… Stephanie, you see, has contracted Khara to photograph her upcoming wedding (lucky, lucky girl!)… and if you are in the Lincoln-area, or plan to be, and need amazing photos of your life – contact Khara- please!!! you’ll be glad you did!

well, i have three scarves to finish quite soon– and only one is a gift– what can i say? i’m a scarfy kind of girl… but then there are baby hats (because people keep having babies two-by-two, and i am oh-so-excited! yea for the pink and the blue!) and big boy hats and hunting caps and then, this new thing i want to try:
loving this which i found here
Because, how perfect is that for those that don’t really like the scarf thing, but have cold necks? I think i shall make one for me (of course!) and one for the blonde sister-in-law… you know, that “Awesome Mom-On-The-Go”-type that doesn’t have time, nor need for something that could potentially strangle… but we all should have warm necks, no?

oh my oh me… so much to do, and then there’s the all important JAYOHBEE in which to maintain…

PLUS – i am two books in to the Twilight Series…

ah… if only you could knit and read at the same time….


3 thoughts on “Knitting on the Run

  1. THANKS for the blog love…you are too nice…made my day!! I seriously wish I could run and knit at the same time! I think I would run more often…haha! and I’m loving the cowl..I was just thinking today I need to knit one maybe…and this one is super cute! I’m on the third Twilight book…2 was my Favorite so far…love that series!

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