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Baby Moon — April 30, 2010

Baby Moon

last weekend, AJ and i were able to hop in the car and head for Texas – yeehaw!

it was the perfect storm of events. My chapter of Alpha Chi Omega was celebrating it’s 20th Anniversary since Colonization, My sweet cousin is preparing to graduate from TCU and had her AXO graduation that weekend, and a good friend (that kinda-sorta introduced us) was getting married in Fort Worth… and, it was pretty much the last weekend that i was medically able to be further than one hour from my OB-GYN!

so away we flew, south on I-35 in a borrowed Honda Civic Hybrid… vroom vroom.

coming and going, we stopped overnight in Oklahoma City to see friends and rest… and boy did that make all the difference in the daunting car trip! Thanks to Stephanie & Blair (and Bacchus & Bandit) and Terra (and Reno, Brandy & Piper) for making room for us!

then we got to Texas and had oh-so-much fun with Cousin Steph and her friends, Betsy Kaye & Brian (and Bingo & Bruiser), My Aunt & Cousins, all my fun AXO sisters, and of course the crazy “Bye, Bye, Bye” lip-syncing groomsmen at the wedding!!!

i didn’t take too terribly many photos- but here are a few to share!

AJ with Brandy — one of TWO yellow lab pups that Terra has been lovingly fostering

Stephanie with Piper… she was just about ready to keep her, if she could!

i loved Brandy’s spunk! everyone thought i was crazy! (but she reminded me of my Lucy Cakes!)

Terra’s new house– isn’t it pretty?

the sweet sister puppies play in the backyard. Terra successfully handed them off to their new adoptive homes Sunday…

TT & KT on the front porch… yea TT!

Off to Texas – at the AXO House at TCU

the ONE Picture we took at the wedding. awesome vineyard.

Brunch with the Aunt and Cousins… so fun!

it was a good time.

i am still exhausted.

i am so glad i got to see so many friends, and family and dogs! yea for that!!!

and now, back to nesting.

124 years of Sisterhood — October 15, 2009
sorority fun — August 21, 2009

sorority fun

Yesterday Morning’s Conversation:

[KT]: This afternoon, I am helping at the Sorority house for Recruitment Vote Counting. I may be home around 6pm.

[AJ]: Is that just “code” for another scheduled Pillow Fight?

Well played, AJ, well played.

Disclaimer: modern-day sorority life is nothing like that as depicted in movies… especially not AXO!

Things I Love: Alpha Chi Omega — February 16, 2009

Things I Love: Alpha Chi Omega

A L P-H-A, C H I-Omega
A L P-H-A, C H I-Omega
We are the Alpha Chi’s and we are really great
(clap, clap, clap, clap)
We wear the Lyre Badge and there is no mistake
We’ve got the greatest girls from all the 50 States, we’re singing,
A L P-H-A, C H I-Omega
A L P-H-A, C H I-Omega

I had a blast as an active member if the Iota Lambda Chapter of Alpha Chi Omega. I pledged in the fall of 1998 and have made some awesome friends and had great life experiences because of it! As i get older, i realize how important those friends are and how they fit into such an important time in my life! With the magic of technology, its great to be able to connect with so many more of them through Facebook and their own blogs!

And recently, I have had the opportunity to connect with even more sisters through Xi Chapter at the University of Nebraska… where I sit on the House Corporation Board, I serve as advisor to three offices (Membership Development, Fraternity Relations and Philanthropy) and am the President of the Kappa Kappa Alumnae Chapter … (by the way, if you are a Lincoln-area Alumna, contact me, we would love to have you as a part of the group!)

It’s really fun being involved with the local chapter, and interacting with the collegians. They are brilliant young women, with bright futures, that remind me that, sometimes, it’s best just to be a little crazy and let loose!

I love AXO!

here are some photos of AXO fun!

At Sam’s Wedding

At Stephanie’s Wedding

at My Wedding!

Photobucket Photobucket
I LOVE that my Cousin is an AXO… (and a Horned Frog!)

Photobucket Photobucket
Fun times at TCU Homecoming 2008 – AXO Reunion

The Ladies of Iota Lambda at AXO National Convention – 2008

The Ladies of Xi Chapter at AXO National Convention – 2008
With the Continuing Excellence Award (yippee!)