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Boden’s Zoo Birthday – Welcome Matte — July 13, 2012

Boden’s Zoo Birthday – Welcome Matte

on a whim, last year, i grabbed an empty photo frame that I had laying around. I still hand’t found the right photo to place in it, but I really liked that it had an oversized matte.

I found a photo of the birthday boy, stuck a mustache on it (because it was a Mustache Bash, you know!), and asked people to sign as a keepsake. (yes, i fully recognize that i was not the first person to think of this!)

you can kind of see it here, on the bottom-left.

well, after the event, i put it in the frame, put it on the wall in our great room, and i love walking by it every day.

this was a must-do for Birthday Number Two!


this year, i used the party invitation as the photo in the frame.

if you are planning a party, i highly recommend this as a fun (and easy!) momento.

Hints: for the autographs, layer your items in the frame as such:
– frame
– matte
– glass
– photo
– frame backer

this works well, because once the matte is in the frame, you don’t run the risk of someone writing their special message on a section of the matte that will ultimately be covered by the frame. also, by placing the glass under the matte and on top of the photo, you are adding a substantial backing to the matte for autographing, while protecting your beloved photo from stray marks.

once complete, switch this so that the glass is on top of the matte and photo and hang away!

Boden’s Zoo Birthday – Photo Booth — July 12, 2012
Boden’s 2 Cool Birthday Zoo! (part TWO!) — June 27, 2012

Boden’s 2 Cool Birthday Zoo! (part TWO!)

We held the birthday party on June 17th – three years running to celebrate B’s birthday on Father’s Day. Thanks once again to all of the dads for sharing their day.

as mentioned in the previous post, we decided on the ZOO theme, due to Bo’s love of all things animal – especially those that make noises.

admittedly, i was able to fully utilize my love for Pinterest by cataloging all of my ideas and such here.

here are some pics of the day:
the birthday boy!

Mommy, Boden & Daddy

banner says: “Welcome 2 Boden’s Zoo!”


Stick Horses as Party Favors


two cakes

one, up close (hint: i used the animals from his Little People ZOO!)

singing HB2U

eating cake (who needs a fork?!)

Opening presents!

Riding the new Balance Bike

a repeat of the signed photo matte (a hit at the first bday)

and of course, a repeat of the photo booth!

(check back soon for more photo booth pics!)