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1,096 days ago… LOVE — March 31, 2010

1,096 days ago… LOVE

three years ago today:


and here we are… three years after the “I Do’s”… and I’m pumped for our journey, and the road ahead. Luv u babers!

i carry your heart with me

i carry your heart with me(i carry it in
my heart)i am never without it(anywhere
i go you go,my dear; and whatever is done
by only me is your doing,my darling)
i fear
no fate(for you are my fate,my sweet)i want
no world(for beautiful you are my world,my true)
and it’s you are whatever a moon has always meant
and whatever a sun will always sing is you

here is the deepest secret nobody knows
(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
and the sky of the sky of a tree called life;which grows
higher than the soul can hope or mind can hide)
and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart

i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart)

–ee cummings

731 days ago… LOVE! — March 31, 2009

731 days ago… LOVE!

Today marks the two year anniversary of the most awesome wedding ever (it is my firm belief that each bride is able to say that their own wedding is the best!… also, AJ and I have agreed that no wedding since our’s will ever measure up… sorry pals!)

it was a great day- and its been a great ride so far! I have the sweetest Husband and two of the cutest pups a girl could ask for… here’s to all the fun days ahead!!

and here are some of my favorite snaps from the Big Day:


with the Parents of the Bride

AJ, posing…

Photo Courtesy of Erin Stoll Photography

Photo Courtesy of Erin Stoll Photography

Some of my Best Girls! sharing some time at Cliff’s Bar


Entrance Music: Thunderstruck by AC/DC… Awesome!

Hand painted by the Mother-In-Law


Love this photo with my fam!

Photo Courtesy of Erin Stoll Photography

from the Lincoln Journal Star, Celebrate Section

though i wish i had video of our super secret choreographed waltz… i can only provide you with a video of the song itself…

(i apologize for the wonkiness, but this was the one i could embed… )

Consider The Knot Successfully Tied — March 9, 2009

Consider The Knot Successfully Tied

We’re back from Fort Worth and all the Betsy & Brian festivities… what an awesome weekend! We are so excited for our friends!

Apparently, we had so much fun, we didn’t have time to take many photos of it… so, if those of you that were there, have photos to share, please send them my way!!!

here are a few of the fun:
Beautiful Betsy Kaye, lacing up for the fun!

In true Ferebee fashion, they stopped for a “Sonic Drink” between the Wedding & Reception!

Fun Times With The Becker’s, Indeed!

Congrats to our BFF’s!!!!!! We Love YOU!!!!

the weekend flu by… — March 2, 2009

the weekend flu by…

don’t tell Betsy– but yep, its the flu. apparently its making its rounds faster than the hottest celeb gossip… the BFF has it, as does her BF… the people at work are dropping like flies (and blaming ME for it… uggh!)… and the fingers are tightly crossed in hopes that AJ does not get it.

i must, must, MUST get better soon — a big week is ahead — in just a few hours, really– and i must be in tip-top shape for BK’s wedding… and i will NOT let her know of all this drama because i remember that week prior to my wedding– no unnecessary info necessary…

but i have been resting. resting until i am sick of resting, and then resting some more. thank goodness for weekends.

this morning i was so looking forward to a hot, steamy shower to wash off all the sickies… but instead, i had to wisk Lucy into the shower with me, as she chose to stand under THOR as he pee’d on the bushes…. classy. but now she’s a fluffy, clean babers!

nutty dog.

So Help Me If I Am Getting Sick Again!!! — February 27, 2009
catch-all photo post — January 26, 2009

catch-all photo post

As The Mamas & Papas said, “Monday, Monday…

I downloaded/uploaded some photos and have some other things so say, so prepare yourself!

let’s see… i did finish those holiday wreaths i mentioned in posts past… The MIL asked if i would make some Valentine’s and Easter ones that she could sell at her salon in Hastings. we’ll see how that goes. here are photos… tho, not the best photo representations in the world because (a) i don’t have a tripod, (b) i didn’t use photoshop and (c) you can see how messy my house is!

This is a Valentine’s one. i made another one which i donated to the AFL Winterfest Ales & Auction… which only sold for about $15… so boo for that… but i guess donators can’t be choosers, huh?

easter 1

easter 2

easter 3

further to this, the MIL and SIL and I have been talking about starting an etsy shop… the only thing that confounds me thus far, and keeps me from moving forward – paypal! for some reason, my tiny brain just can’t wrap itself around that monstrosity. kinda like how i feel about podcasting! but… i was finally able to figure out blogging… so, maybe there is hope.

onto more snaps:
Oh! I haven’t posted the puppies recently– and yes, they are still silly as ever… so have a look!:
My Baby Lu, napping in my spot on the couch– naughty, but oh-so-sweet!

I beg you – please only notice the sweet pooches and not the dirty carpet!

though she’s not really all that trained, Lucy does love to “sit” and then her favorite part is kissing your chin… LOVE HER!

playing with my babies… same rule on ignoring the house clutter applies to this photo, thank you.

And then it was off to the PRCA Rodeo – Tough Enough to Wear PINK Night! It was fun… but if i might, i will add some community commentary– People of Lincoln – you complain that nothing “cool” comes here, and then, when it does, you don’t support it. I understand it was a Rodeo, at the Pershing Center, and it happened to be -3degrees and snowing… but COME ON! It was fun, this is cool stuff, and allow yourselves to be cultured… ignoring it does not help bring it back!

Okay– further to my digression — it was a fun time! the whole gang was there– including our friends, the Wortman’s! thus, the pictorial evidence:

Buddies: Bryce & Mom

Cutness: Sophie, Isabel & Ben

our Adorable Niece in Grandpa Dean’s hat! YEE HAW!

the Rodeo was a fun time with the fam… other than the fact that my dormant asthma reared its ugly head… not sure if it was the dirt, bulls, cowboys or dung… but some beastie did not happily cohabitate with my bronchial passages… yet, i endured, with a pink bandanna over my face – outlaw style!… and the second i stepped outside, i could breathe again– weird.

Thus, probably my first and only post about attending a Rodeo.

on to something i find fun! the Snuggie! If you have watched any bit of late night or weekend television, i am sure you have seen the sales pitch – and maybe even thought to yourself: “I have always wanted a blanket with arms!!!” ha!
here is my awesome boss modeling his latest Bed Bath & Beyond-My-Budget purchase: THE SNUGGIE
Just this morning, i found a web article on this very article of warmth!

and finally – i had a meeting at the Hillcrest Country Club on Saturday, and when i drove up, i saw this:
this is awesome. My first thought was that someone had just gotten engaged Friday night! But then, i walked in for my meeting, and noticed that the ballroom was set up for a wedding, so then i thought, how cute, this is how the guy proposed, and now they are sharing it with all their wedding guests… (awe!)… which was confirmed (i think) by reading Khara’s awesome Photography Blog, this morning! FUN TIMES, INDEED!!!!

Congrats to Heidi and Jan Michael – and here’s a big thumbs up to memorable and unique engagements!

this was a very long post, and now its time to tackle Monday, Monday! Have a great week!

its cold… and i have one… bugger! — January 15, 2009

its cold… and i have one… bugger!

negative 2 degrees. do you understand what that feels like? its cold to the bone. people are walking around downtown with their scarves over their faces so they don’t have to breathe in the coldness. i won’t even try to explain what the windchill is like, and how much colder it makes everything.

on top of that, i HAVE a cold. bugger! it started precisely at 12:13am on Saturday morning, as we were driving the blushing groom-to-be (Wyatt) home from a night out with friends, to get some good rest before the big day….

my cold started as a scratchy throat from hell, and has, within the last 24-hours, progressed up into my nose with lots of goo…. but i am hoping it finds its way out of me soon… i have a big weekend coming up –beer and hockey!

I am walking around in a stuffy-nosed haze and most of the people here at work are telling me to go home. why won’t i listen to them? i am brewing a personal vendetta with NyQuil because it has not knocked me out at all in the last three nights… and i fear that my husband will never get any sleep. the dogs, though, sleep right through it. no worries. bugger!

but, enough about me and my mucous.

here are some fun photos from Wyatt & Gerty’s wedding weekend of fun…. and until next time, i will be spraying lysol on anything i touch!

The Groom & Best Man, all gussied up for a big day!


silly, silly

the blessing

the proud parents of the groom – i love this photo!

The Maids Toast

the BEST Best Man Speech I have Ever Heard! (well, Doug’s was pretty good, too!)

obligatory Becker photo

Wedding Plans — November 17, 2008