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Mustache Photo Booth — July 8, 2011
Boden’s Mustache Bash — July 7, 2011

Boden’s Mustache Bash

well, a wee bit later than anticipated, but i’m finally here to share the fun of our Little Man’s 1st Birthday Celebration!

i must say, a very fun time was had by all!

We centered most things around a “Little Man” theme, and it was a blast. Ties, Mustaches, Steak Kabobs and lots and lots of fun.

i just may have it in me to blog about all the elements and details at a later time, but for now, let’s just enjoy some photos, shall we?

The Little Man, Grandma Sue, Mr. Jonny and B’s Buddy: Gavin!

check out my ‘stache!

Smash Cake fun

B & Daddy

Hangin’ with Great-Great Uncle Eddie

this wagon is so fun, and guess what? I’m ONE!

Great Grandpa R sampling the Manly fare

Grandpa Dean showing off the chocolate mustache before taking a bite!

Cousins watching the present opening from the new Toy Story couch

taking the wagon for a test drive

walking with Grandma Kaye – what a fun party!

spoiler alert: Baby B’s First Bday Bash — June 17, 2011

spoiler alert: Baby B’s First Bday Bash

this Sunday, we will be celebrating our Father’s, and also Baby B’s first 365 days!!!

AJ and I are in the final stages of our mad dash to put together quite an event…. which, we fully appreciate is all for us, as Baby B probably won’t “get” most of it.

i plan to post some photos and other party-related nonsense post-event… but for now, i will leave you with a tiny taste of what is to come.

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