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The Big Reveal – #2 — June 21, 2010

The Big Reveal – #2

This is the one you have all been waiting for:
WELCOME TO THE WORLD, Boden James Becker – IT’S A BOY!

Born: 10:28pm on Sunday June, 20, 2010 (Happy Father’s Day, AJ!)

7lbs, 15oz – 22″ long.

all sorts of loving and cuddling going on here.

pardon me for not getting into the details – those will come later.

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Yea Boden!

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Glucose… FAIL — March 17, 2010

Glucose… FAIL

son of a….

yesterday seemed so good too.

AJ and i were having fun chatting in the waiting room, we did our usual witty banter with the nurse.

i was feeling great about this.

we wait our requisite time…

and then the Doc comes in with “that look”… I didn’t pass the Glucose Test.

so i asked what my score was.



(insert unhappy mama, here).

and that’s where the appointment took a turn.

from there, the Doc took the measurement then set up the Doppler to hear The Bumpit’s heart beat.

Another funny look, and “oops, i heard a few skips in there…”


so then we had the pleasure (?) of being hooked up to the fancy heart monitor for 20 minutes while i tried not to panic and AJ kept reading me the changing heart rates.





i start to think about what appointments i will need to cancel if she admits us to the hospital tonight…






apparently all was fine.

so i am trying to look on the bright side.
1) now i get to eat a candy bar for three days straight before the big, fat, fancy 3-hour glucose test.
2) we got to spend 20 uninterrupted minutes just listing to the Bumpit’s heart, breath, movements and kicks…

yea Bumpit!

Sweet Victory, or Agonizing Defeat? — March 16, 2010

Sweet Victory, or Agonizing Defeat?

this afternoon i have my glucose test.

if there is anything i know for sure, it’s that i hate to fail at anything.

every year i have a mini panic attack when i have to go in for my eye appointment. I hate it when that could be a C or an O or even a G and i can’t tell for sure. I always feel a wave of relief once the doc says that i am still 20/20 (thanks to Lasik…. but don’t get me started on my pregnancy eye sight as of late…)…. and the panic subsides for 12 more months.

so then there’s this test, looming out there today.

when i was at my appointment last month, i asked everyone that would listen to tell me what i could do to “pass”…

finally, once nurse just said, ‘Sweetie, if you’re gonna fail, you’re gonna fail. there’s not much you can do about it.”


well, i’ll still do what i can.

i had a good workout yesterday. i ate a good breakfast of Honey Nut Cheerio’s, just had my carrots and a 100-calorie pack of almonds… and will eat my new Lean Cuisine sandwich around noon.

from there, nothing more than water. then the GluCola around 2:15.
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and then we’ll see what Mama is able to eat for dinner. Pasta or Salad?

in the meantime, i’ll try not to think about those Peanut M&M’s in my desk drawer….

Kick Baby, Kick Baby, 1, 2, 3, 4 — March 10, 2010

Kick Baby, Kick Baby, 1, 2, 3, 4

whew- this kid has taken up gymnastics lately. just a few more years and we might be able to register it for the Chinese Olympic Gymnastic Team (okay, i kid, i kid…)

and, big news – AJ was finally able to feel the kicks last night!!!

for the past few weeks i have been known to grab his hand and yank his arm into an oddly unnatural position to try and capture the tiny movements.

he was always so sweet to linger there for an uncomfortable moment while i would say, “Did you feel that? how about that? Did you feel that one?”

and he would just look at me, puzzled, and say, “no.”

last night, after another failed attempt, i started poking and prodding on The Tum… and then some big kicks erupted, so i grabbed AJ’s hand once more… about eight seconds later – KICK.

The look on AJ’s face was priceless. the pure definition of Shock & Awe… followed by a look resembling the thought, “what is going on inside there?”

Dear, this has been going on for awhile… and it’s getting more pronounced… so glad you could join the party! 🙂

at this exact moment, This Child has a heel wedged into my bottom-right rib. whooweeeee….

keep on dancing baby b!

mama panic — March 2, 2010

mama panic

i am just going to let you know that i am turning into a Crazy Lady trying to figure out crib bedding.

i found one set i like – but am not 100% sold on it, so i continue to look.

then, reading further in my Baby Bargains book, they strongly suggest you NOT even invest in the bumper pads. then it’s down to just piecing together sheets and accessories– should be easy, right? right.

not turning out to be true.

the name game — February 19, 2010

the name game

so it’s true, we have finally settled on a boy name – should we blessed by blue, come June.

but nope. we’re not telling.

however, i must say- that journey to find the right boy’s name was an interesting one.

as i may have mentioned previously, i decided years ago on the girl’s name… and made it clear that there was no negotiating on that.

so, one would think, since i chose the girl’s name, i should be kind enough to let AJ pick the boy’s name.

yes, but that would be assuming that i play fair – which, of course, i do not.

i had known for a long time that AJ had really enjoyed a certain boy’s name that really just made me say ‘ick” every time i heard it. i don’t care if it was used in a Legendary Waterfall movie with a certain hottie actor. i still felt that name was girly and i wasn’t having it.

i tried to be sweet. i tried offering alternatives.
– Carson?
– Camden?
– Ryder?
– Quincy?


then i would get my nose out of joint. why didn’t he like my names? hrumph!

then i started to make a game out of it.
(We already have a THOR, so why not add another God-like presence?)

Ndamukong (my personal fave)

LaDainian (or really, just add a “La” to anything on the list)
Ocho Cinco

oh, the games we played… and still were at a stalemate.

the one morning, AJ asked what i thought of a certain name. I calmed myself and tried not to noticeably wrinkle my nose and said…. “hmmm… i’ll think about it.”

later that day i texted, “That name isn’t all that bad…”

but later that day i made one more push for AJ to consider the name Ryder.

there was the nose wrinkle.

so i thought on it, and suddenly a longer version of his choice came to mind, well, it just seemed right. it seemed perfect.

i found the right time to spring my variation on him, and he said, “That’s it. (said name outloud). Yep. I like it!”

so, we have a name.

and i may, or may not have already given you a hint to what it is! (tee hee)

My Name is ‘No-No Bad Dog’, What’s Yours? — February 1, 2010

My Name is ‘No-No Bad Dog’, What’s Yours?

this weekend… i was taking it easy, catching up on a little DVR and the dogs decided to play a little game of Rough House.

they were nowhere near me, and i found a way to tune it out — apparently too well — suddenly Lucy was running from THOR and chose to run around the couch while he was in hot pursuit. when she got to me, she chose to use my right abdomen as a spring board to launch herself off the couch and onto THOR.


needless to say- i have a call into the Doc to see if we broke the baby.

~Freaked Out Mama

Funny Things Heard While Pregnant – #2 — January 27, 2010

Funny Things Heard While Pregnant – #2

I am learning that sometimes people just don’t know what to say, or can’t help themselves from saying what they want to say… Thus continues a compendium of the funny/odd/weird/tasteless/forthright things people have said to me whilst in “the family way”.

Number 2:
when we broke the news to a certain family member (to remain nameless), the response was strikingly underwhelming. if i remember correctly, (and i was listening through the outside of the cell phone that was at AJ’s ear) the response was,
“oh…. well… congratulations?”


a few moments later another question: “well, this was a surprise, right?” to which AJ responded, no, we planned it, and we are very excited.

i know i shouldn’t laugh, but this entire exchange just makes me giggle. i mean, really? Really!