What Good Shall I Do This Day?

(title referenced from here)

i donated blood today! one more time and i am at three gallons! whoopie!

but then, as i sat in the chair with the last ounces to go– the phlebotomist reminded me,
– eat three square meals (Done!)
– drink lots of fluids (done, and done)
– don’t do any heavy lifting (switch purse to other arm)
– don’t do any strenuous activities (done… wait – what about my Lenten Goal?)

yesterday i squeezed in a quick mile with the pups between the Husker baseball victory (yea!) and dinner with the God Children (double yea!)

but today, alas, what shall i do?

i am thinking a steady session with the wii fit – no pushups – might do the trick… and then of course, some more knitting!!!

Happy Lent, day 2, to you all… and if you are looking for a way to save a life, and can mentally focus away from a big huge needle in your arm for 10 minutes– please go donate some blood! 😉


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