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what to do on your due date? — September 29, 2010

what to do on your due date?

okay, so this may be three months (plus) late… but i was slightly busy.

however, when this photo scrolled through my picture slideshow on my screen saver, it reminded me how much i love it, and that i should devote a post to “fun times, while you’re waiting.”

you see, around Christmas-time last year, we saw our first ad for Toy Story 3. and if you know me at all, you know i LOVE Toy Story 2 (for the monkey’s of course*), so a follow-up definitely hit my radar.

and then they hit me with it… scheduled release date: June 18, 2010. The Bumpit’s Due Date.

I said right there, well, i’ll never see that in the theatres… of course, assuming i would have the Baby early… and we all know how that story ends.

fast forward to early June, and no Baby in sight. so i made a deal with myself that if i still had not had the Baby by June 18, I was going to see Toy Story 3, darn it!

And I made a “date” out of it with AJ and our friends that shared our due date. (honestly, i think we both made official plans, in hopes that we would have good enough reason to break them.)

Well, as you know, the 18th came and went… and so we went to see Toy Story 3 — in 3D! (hence the photo).

and for posterity’s sake, we also had to stop by the movie poster displaying the date:

ah, good times!

*probably my most favorite part of Toy Story 2 are the outtakes. see for yourself!

41 Weeks — June 25, 2010

41 Weeks

one week ago was my due date. as you may recall… at that point, still no baby.

but here i sit, with the sweetest little boy sitting by me, ready for another feeding, but trying his hardest to be patient. (it’s a work in progress, for Mom and Boden).

funny how a matter of days can change a life.

we are so blessed.

Due for a reality check — June 18, 2010

Due for a reality check

Happy June 18th!

this is The Bumpit’s official Due Date.

still no southerly movement.

statistics say that only 5% of babies are born on their due dates… so i ask you, Bumpit, do you feel lucky?

the funny thing is, that a girl finds herself in “the family way” and then works with the doctors to set the date, and spends the next 30some weeks counting toward that date. people ask, “When are you due” and you say that date, and it gives everyone a mental timeline of reference… and then here you sit- on said date… and, nothing.

that’s okay though. i can wait a little longer.

why not. this is all just this child’s first real test of his or her parents… chalk it up to the ride.

in the meantime- this song has been a fun addition to my internal soundtrack… i feel like it can be appropriate for The Bumpit… because we just haven’t met our baby yet! 😉

to this, i’ll leave you with a little fun fact from my Baby Center email today:
You’re 14 percent more likely to give birth on a Tuesday than on any other day of the week — and least likely to deliver on the weekend.