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At Least That’s Ready… — May 31, 2010

At Least That’s Ready…

since we’re crazy enough to not know what we are having… that means i also can’t knit just one cute little hat to take to the hospital.

nope, i knit up four.
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i am not yet adept to the typical size of a Newborn’s Noggin… so i ended up making two sizes in each color.

so, we’re set, as far as that goes.

more nesting continues on this lovely Memorial Holiday. I hope you all are enjoying yours as well.

There are no coincidences in knitting — May 15, 2010

There are no coincidences in knitting

i have come to realize that in Knitting, there are no such things as coincidences.

Shortly after my college graduation, my Grandma gifted me a ornate plastic trashcan with bunches of yarn, one crochet hook, a pair of knitting needles and one torn-out magazine page from a Better Homes & Gardens magazine (c. 1965) with basic instructions on how to knit.

and there, my knitting love was born. (i said, “Love” not necessarily “Fabulous Skill”)

fast forward to the summer of 2006… and i randomly google “Lincoln Knitting Group” (or was it, “Stitch & Bitch, Lincoln”…. yeah, that’s probably more accurate!) and miraculously, up pops an invite on for a group just starting and the organizer looks to be about my age and quite fun. I make plans to attend.

at the event – which was quite well attended – i am chatting with the organizer, Lizzy, and she mentions that her husband is from Hastings… well, we all know that life abides by the Six Degrees of AJ Becker rule… so i ask if the boys might know each other… Oh, yes, both she and her husband know AJ… small, small world.

so that was fun… but shortly thereafter, the meet-ups came to a halt because Lizzy had an awesome opportunity that would keep her from hosting future events… and no one else seemed to be able to keep it up.

about a year later, i run into Christy at an Autism Awareness Fundraiser , and she’s selling cute knitting gifts, and tells me about the Lincoln Knitters… which, after further research, appears to be a group of the ladies that were coming to the meetup, just a bit more organized (with talents, frankly well over my head at that point.)

so i continued to knit on my own… missing my meetup.

Then, just a few months ago, through random chance, i find Lizzy’s blog… and work up the nerve to reconnect with her…. from there it took us probably six tries to finally get together and meet up and do some fun knitting… plus she has recently taught herself to crochet, which has been on my “To Learn” list for awhile lately, and she offered to show me her new skills.

FINALLY, this past Wednesday, we were able to meet up… at a local Barnes & Noble, no less! We snag some comfy chairs and start yarning away.

About an hour into our fun, a nice lady walks up and invites us to join she and four of her friends that are knitting over there.

we look over, and sure enough, there they are… needles and all… so we pack-up and join in.

after chatting for a bit… these ladies are from the Lincoln Knitters group! AND, two of them had been to Lizzy’s house for the original meet-ups in 2006…

which just confirms my theory – there are no coincidences in knitting!

here are some pics i shot with my camera phone as proof (hence the bad quality)
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Lizzy & KT, reunited buds

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the fabulous knitting ladies at B&N!

oh- and you HAVE to see the cuteness that Lizzy has just crocheted for her upcoming Fishing trip! 😉

a taste of spring, and more blood — March 19, 2010

a taste of spring, and more blood

yesterday was gorgeous.

mom and I took advantage of the awesome weather report to take all three dogs (THOR, Lucy and Uncle Neil) on a long walk! and of course, i attempted to take camera phone pictures while trying to hold two leashes.
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this was the first meeting for THOR and Neil – and THOR was loving up on him in such a funny way. we noticed that he kept laying his chin on Neil’s neck as if he was saying, “Oh, how nice and fluffy your fur is, Uncle Neil”

THOR also had his Domesti-PUPS visit at the Legacy Estates, where he got to see his doggy buddies, Teddy, Colby, Jake & Paco. though, THOR was more interested in the Ice Cream than anything. i wouldn’t call it out most successful visit, but a visit all the same.

this morning, i woke up an hour early (OK, i didn’t really sleep well all night in anticipation) for my 3-hour glucose tolerance test – since i failed the first one…. you know, the more people i talked to, the more i heard that it’s pretty common that everyone fails on the first try… unless you are completely fasting, which i was not.

so i was already bent out of shape for giving up three hours of my friday morning… but then i decided to turn that frown upside down, and made the most of it.

I used my time between the four (FOUR) blood draws to:

  • Pre-Register at the hospital (Which, by the way, looks like a hotel lobby more than a hospital delivery room)
  • Submit The Becker’s in to the 2010 Census… yes folks, prepare yourselves for more Fun Times ahead!
  • i almost have the baby blanket all knit up for Baby Austin, which is just slightly late, since he was born on Monday!
  • Sprint PictureMail

and then i was out of there by 10:15am – just in time to run to my car and head to the nearest McDonald’s for a Bacon Egg & Cheese Biscuit… because i’m worth it!

sad thing- their credit card machine wasn’t working, and i, as per usual, was completely out of cash.

so i quickly jaunted to the bank, deposited a check i forgot i needed to deposit anyway, and withdrew cash and got back in line. lucky for me, they still allowed me to order breakfast six minutes past the cutoff…

this here is one happy mama! 🙂

today’s weather feels more like December… with snow to boot… but that just means that a weekend of more baby prep is in the works- yea me!

Goals – From here to June — March 5, 2010

Goals – From here to June

whew– some days, time goes by slowly… others, i feel like we are minutes from bringing home The Bumpit!

this post is mostly for me… but since I am probably the only one that reads it anyway, I might as well jot down a few notes.

Things I Would Like to Accomplish Before Baby Becker Arrives:

  • sewing…. for the most part
  • tame my knitting stash – have already started this by donating all the major Acrylic to my Church & Sister’s Day Care!
  • one word: photo albums – i haven’t finished the engagement scrapbook, let alone anything in the last three years!
  • Garage Sale (Scheduled for April 17!)
  • continue to de-clutter (see above)
  • continue to be good natured and accept constructive criticism about my Hoarding Tendencies
  • go through stacks of Magazines and Taste of Home issues that are seriously piling up
  • register for Bumpit
  • figure out Bumpit bedding and room decor
  • maybe even work up the nerve to start my first ever sweater – will need copious amounts of encouragement here.
  • okay, now i need a nap.

Keepin’ It Crafty — October 16, 2009

Keepin’ It Crafty

what have i been doing lately? well, aside from the Jay Oh Bee, and Prez-ing it up for AFL and AXO, and plenty of Domesti-Pups Training with THOR, i have be putting the old Singer to work!


yes, that would be three baby taggers – because everyone seems to be having babers lately,
a knitted cupcake (ravelry link) and a pair of knitted “toast” for a good friend that has been way too kind!
and evidence of another cast-on item (toasty, same link) in the Brown Sheep Company yarn spun in Morrill, NE! (ahem, those are for me!)

tonight is Date Night (Chinese food and a Movie on Demand) so i am hoping to start the second yellow Toasty and figure out how to add the thumbs (this is major knitting progress, people!)… and then cast on the same in purple for a dear Froggie Friend!!!!

Happy Crafties to you all!!!

Busy, Busy Miss B! — October 8, 2009

Busy, Busy Miss B!


i feel like i have been going non-stop for quite awhile. and i think it’s true.

this week has been especially crazy and we are coming up on a hugely busy weekend– but i do see that light at the end of the tunnel, yes i do.

i was oh-so-excited to realize that Monday is Columbus Day, and though i am not a major follower of this such holiday, it does happen to be a day that the State Government closes its doors, and i kind of technically work for the state, that means This Girl gets to hang out at home with the pooches and probably get even MORE marked off that list!!!

What list, you might ask?

This list:
– sewed a bandana blanket to send to a friend in France that is battling cancer
Sprint PictureMail
– knitted two scarves with some suede yard i had no idea what to do with (thank goodness for “speed sticks“)
– started knitting a new toddler hat, and realized that the yarn is spun in Mitchell, NE! (This Girl is pumped!)
– made three Tu-Tu’s
– Visited with Neil
– attended church (i know!)
– tried to tidy and organize, which really only led to more of a mess

and on Sunday, (after church!) i got the whim to paint the sun porch – and painting only really happens for me on a whim. if i try to plan it, i end up talking myself out of it. so the whim struck, and i began painting….
i didn’t have the foresight to take a true “Before” picture, but it ended up that the leftover paint from my parent’s basement was a perfect match for the existing color — i was assuming it would be darker… so, not much change there, except that its a lot “Cleaner” with no scuffs and years of grunge.

but i DID take a “before” picture of the floor… which, i thought was “okay” to last another winter season, but AJ talked me into it, and on another whim, i went home during my lunch on Tuesday and edged and rolled on a coat.

here’s the “Before”:
whew, looking at it now, yes, it needed severe attention!

here’s the “After” after one hour and one coat:
i was really hoping that it would be a one-coat thing… because if the idea of painting isn’t daunting enough, doing it all over again really puts me over the edge….
that is, until i break down and realize that it does need one more coat– and then i am quickly reminded how much faster and nicer that second coat goes on. (see, it’s all just really a mind-game!)

here’s the final painted product:
aah, smooth and shiny!

then we got funky and started hanging up new hooks and coat hangers, etc…. this being my most favorite piece in the room:

and then, finally, last night, i was able to put all the extra pieces in and make it a functional room again:
i am so not in love with our shoe rack – but its the best place to keep the shoes and i would love to find a hall tree that wasn’t too terribly expensive that could hold it all… a girl can dream, right?

Also, I am attempting to try and save my hibiscus tree… though, this not being Hawaii, i wouldn’t be surprised if I am unsuccessful.

anyway- so back to the list:
– tidy the house (still slightly, okay QUITE, unsuccessful here… am totally willing to accept any and all advise from you domestic goddesses out there… seriously!)
– print, and organize photos taken since wedding (2.5 years ago)… Walgreens was happy to see me, when i picked up my 700+ photos!!! let’s just say, i took advantage of their 10-cent per picture offer if you order 50 or more… i saved $39!
– send off baby gift to child that is now one-month old — and i forgot to take a picture of the supremely cute blue, blue and blue stripped blanket i knitted… (have asked the mama for photos once she receives!)
– Oh! and i finished Wicked… eh. (let me just say- a whole lot (200 pages) of bulid-up with a very quick end and very little explanation on why certain loose ends remained loose)

stuff still on the list:
– more sewing
– more knitting (and figure out how to cast on, as well as knit with Double-Pointed Needles) — any Knitting Divas out there, PLEASE HELP!
– the whole photo thing (awaiting my order of FOUR photo books from — did you know that shipping is FREE this month?)
– finish details on planning State Day Celebration at Sorority, Saturday (ideas on centerpieces? anyone? it will probably end up as pumpkins with red and green ribbons!)
– continue my quest to take over the world!!!!

whew… not too much to ask, really… 😉

too cute not to share — October 6, 2009

too cute not to share

a quick google search led me to an etsy site that combines two of my loves:

Go Here to see what i mean!!!

How cute is this?

oh, if only my sister-in-law knitted…

even the TOYS!

and even for you cat-lovers- she has THESE to offer.

okay, i can’t stop!

GNOMES! Seriously!

knitting animals!!

Woolly Pink Sheep!

etsy is awesome. i highly recommend you check it out, if you have a few spare hours!!!
Buy Handmade!

Pranks & Cowls — April 2, 2009

Pranks & Cowls

last night was a fun and lazy wednesday. it was nice to not have to be going somewhere all the time. AJ was pooped, and we even agreed to skip the take-out and eat leftovers… what is wrong with us?!?!

but i had some fun with the wii Fit! that stuff cracks me up. i had to redeem myself on the hula hoops, since Tuesday, i tried to do the 6-minute mega hula and couldn’t finish the left side… my left second toe was popping out of the socket – TMI, i know, and i am sorry– but its becoming chronic, and if i can’t even hula hoop, what is a girl to do?

Anyway—as i logged in – i got the following message…
Sprint PictureMail
i thought that was quite cute!

then, we caught up on some more DVR from Cabo… i tell you, that 30 Rock is a kill!

Thus, and therefore, i was able to finish The Delores Park Cowl i had started the night before. (and actually, the one i mentioned oh-so-long-ago…)… don’t cringe when i say i used Vanna White yarn… eek! i thought it would knit up softer, and a little tighter… ha! i guess this fits in with my whole aversion to checking gauge!

well, my sweet Lucy was kind enough to model it for me:

i love my baby girl!

the original idea, when starting this blog was to showcase my knitting a bit more… as you can tell, that hasn’t happened… but i do follow quite a few fun knitting blogs, where i have gathered many fun new ideas for projects, and other things! these are the knitty-centric blogs i follow:

and here are some that i am just latching onto:

and of course, there’s Ravelry. I am on there. I haven’t gotten into posting projects or anything… that’s just a whole other step, and a girl’s gotta work at some point in the day- right? 😉 but if you are on Ravelry, find me, let’s be friends! It is also a long-term goal to connect with more Lincoln Knitters… i know you’re out there!!!

The Lincoln Adventures of Flat Stanley — January 29, 2009

The Lincoln Adventures of Flat Stanley

let me tell you – Flat Stanley has descended upon the Becker’s!

He has taken a tour around the world, To Japan and back, through Colorado and has spent the last three weeks sitting on my dining table… EEK!

So, its time to dust him off, give him a quick tour of Lincoln, and send him on his way… oh where, oh where shall i send him next?

Here are the fun photos of his visit (once finally freed from his traveling folder):

Flat Stanley meets Lucy

Flat Stanley kindly helps me with an unfinished knitting project!
Thanks, Flat Stanley!

Flat Stanley, being the celebrity that he is, was invited to attend a special pre-game meal with members of the Husker Sports Network before the NU vs KU basketball game – 1/28/09

from my seat in Section C-4, Row 21, Seat 11, you can see my parents across the arena — yea for extreme zoom, boo for blurriness!

Flat Stanley says, GO HUSKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(funny, as we took this photo, the people seated behind us said, “FLAT STANLEY!!!”… apparently they once took him along on a five-week trip through Australia!)

Photobucket Photobucket
you may recall my friend, Neil, from a previous post. Well, now he’s even more famous for (a) being on radio talking all things Lottery, during Halftime, and (b) for being awesome!

Good, Good times, Flat Stanley… thanks for visiting… enjoy the rest of your journey!

blowing my brains out – and putting my faith in the anti-bacterial — January 16, 2009

blowing my brains out – and putting my faith in the anti-bacterial

cold. day 8. its up into my eyes now. is this what a migraine feels like? i didn’t know it could move farther than my nose.

but i carry a big box of kleenex with me everywhere i go (and i already left one box at the Lottery offices as I was leaving a meeting… i am so forgetful lately!). thank goodness for the lotion kind.

Instead of rushing to the loo every time i blow my nose, i prefer to use BBW Anti-Bacterial moisturizing hand lotion, while i sit at my desk… i feel like i am placing a false sense of security on this product. can it really be killing all the vicious germies? i am appreciative of the moisturizing benefits, since i have been scouring my hands enough lately, and the red crackiness is pretty unattractive and painful… but is it really going to save me from further germ annihilation? and if its really so great, why not just swallow the stuff? oh well… this is what i have to work with, so i’ll take what i can get.

last night i had a lot of down time with the pooches– and since it was negative-4-degrees, they didn’t get to be outside as much as they wanted. i tried to use the time wisely and work another panel of the Lyre hat that i think looks oh-so-cute in the picture. man, oh, man… i couldn’t wrap my brain around it, and i had to do the one thing i hate, twice… i ripped it out and started over. uggh. so i finally gave up and just watched more of my fave DVR.

i vow to be 100% by the next post…