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Boden’s Zoo Birthday – Welcome Matte — July 13, 2012

Boden’s Zoo Birthday – Welcome Matte

on a whim, last year, i grabbed an empty photo frame that I had laying around. I still hand’t found the right photo to place in it, but I really liked that it had an oversized matte.

I found a photo of the birthday boy, stuck a mustache on it (because it was a Mustache Bash, you know!), and asked people to sign as a keepsake. (yes, i fully recognize that i was not the first person to think of this!)

you can kind of see it here, on the bottom-left.

well, after the event, i put it in the frame, put it on the wall in our great room, and i love walking by it every day.

this was a must-do for Birthday Number Two!


this year, i used the party invitation as the photo in the frame.

if you are planning a party, i highly recommend this as a fun (and easy!) momento.

Hints: for the autographs, layer your items in the frame as such:
– frame
– matte
– glass
– photo
– frame backer

this works well, because once the matte is in the frame, you don’t run the risk of someone writing their special message on a section of the matte that will ultimately be covered by the frame. also, by placing the glass under the matte and on top of the photo, you are adding a substantial backing to the matte for autographing, while protecting your beloved photo from stray marks.

once complete, switch this so that the glass is on top of the matte and photo and hang away!

Boden’s Zoo Birthday – Photo Booth — July 12, 2012
Time to Vote!!! — May 15, 2012

Time to Vote!!!

Voting is a very important American duty. As a woman, and coming from a legacy of suffragists, I take advantage of my right to vote at every possible chance.

so yes, I will make an effort to stop by my local polling place today and mark my ballot.

And this week, I have reason to vote in another very unique poll — I am voting for BODEN to be this week’s finalist in the B107.3 Baby Idol contest!!!

We would love to have your vote as well!

in fact, you can vote once per 24-hour period each day this week, until 12noon (C.T.) through this link. (Technically, you can vote once per day, PER Device – so smart phones, tablets, netbooks, you know… each count as a vote). (AND, as i tested the link, i learned that you can ALSO enter once per day, per EACH type of Browser – so if you have Internet Explorer, or Firefox or Google Chrome – each of them works independently – so that adds up to multiple votes too…. not that i am encouraging you to stuff the ballot box…. but, by the looks of this post, i guess i am!)

If Bo is one of the top three vote-earners this week, he will go into a Final Round of Voting next week (fingers securely crossed!)

Feel free to share this link with others. We greatly appreciate your vote, as always!!

Boden at 18 Months (December, 2011) – photo from Laura Matoush Photography (recognize Bo from his 12-month session on her splash page?)

spoiler alert: Baby B’s First Bday Bash — June 17, 2011

spoiler alert: Baby B’s First Bday Bash

this Sunday, we will be celebrating our Father’s, and also Baby B’s first 365 days!!!

AJ and I are in the final stages of our mad dash to put together quite an event…. which, we fully appreciate is all for us, as Baby B probably won’t “get” most of it.

i plan to post some photos and other party-related nonsense post-event… but for now, i will leave you with a tiny taste of what is to come.

purchased from here

VOTE and WIN!!! — April 20, 2011

VOTE and WIN!!!

Hello Dear Reader of the Fun Times!!!!

I apologize in advance, but it is high time that This Mama gets a wee bit more annoying.

Our Sweet Baby B (10 months TODAY!) was chosen as a contender in this week’s Parent’s Magazine Cover Photo Contest. This is a popular vote competition, and we would greatly appreciate your VOTE! here’s the link:

After the first day of voting, he was 58th in the running. After yesterday’s cumulative votes, he is now 75th… we must remedy this, people! And it can only be done with your help!

Please take a moment to vote! You can vote EVERY DAY this week. And, if you use multiple browsers, you can vote once on each, and even on your Smart Phone!!!!!

Please give us your vote, and if you feel so inclined, please share with your friends. This contest is only for this week, so i promise not to bug you past Easter!!!

Thank you Thank you Thank you!

For the WIN Portion of this Blog Post – One Lucky Voter will be drawn at random on Monday, April 25th and I will knit that winner his or her very own hat!!! I know, too good to be true, right?

here’s how to enter: when you vote, leave a comment here that you did so. You may comment each day that you are able to vote.

PLUS: if you share the voting link on facebook or twitter, come back here and leave a comment with a link to your post and that gets you ANOTHER chance in the Hat Drawing!!!!!!

AND, if you post this on your own blog, leave TWO comments, because, friends, that just earned you two extra chances at that freshly knit hat!!!!

i am sure the suspense is killing you – so please, please, please – go vote now, and then comment away!!!

thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!

Boden sends you all a big “AHHHAahhh” and Raises The Roof in your honor.
~KT & AJ Becker

Boden’s favorite hats:


Sprint PictureMail

Sprint PictureMail

Kisses! — March 3, 2011
hey look, it’s a baby! — February 11, 2011

hey look, it’s a baby!

it has come to my attention that i have been less than attentive to the posting of baby photos on this blog. i hope to remedy that with this post.

here are a smattering of pictures from just this last week.

laughing hysterically as Gma Sue says, “Peekee Peekee Peekee!”

playing at Gma & Gpa Becker’s

realizing that Bathtub Duck also makes a great out of water toy!

a rare photo with mommy

daddy is so silly!

flirting, way past bedtime

loving my new festive shirt from Auntie BK & Uncle Bri!

Boden — July 1, 2010


our sweet baby B. this is the name we were finally able to agree on, and we just love it.

yes, we might shorten it a bit… there are a few different possibilities. but i like Boden just fine.

and we thought we made it up – slightly… but apparently, it exists in a baby book, found at Barnes & Noble:
Sprint PictureMail

thanks to those of you that helped weigh-in on the name game… and i’ll just make you wait a few years to learn the girl’s name we had locked in!