on finances

B1 gets off the bus today. First words: “Mom, I really NEED a Nintendo 2ds.”
(this has been an on-going discussion… trying to hold him off until xmas…)

Me: “Okay, let’s talk about it. Maybe you can earn some money by doing some extra chores?”

B1: “well… I think we should use my college money. We aren’t doing anything with it right now.”

Thus ensues a too-long, awkward attempt, by me, at explaining, in 7-year-old terms, the cost of higher ed, and the value of a good education, and how we don’t “Pay” for his school now (because the glossy-eyed look I was already getting told me that delving into Taxes and local government wouldn’t help my cause) … then stumbling through the concept of saving now to pay later… to a kid that can’t even wait two months to get a video game he doesn’t need, but desperately wants…..

Being seven is hard.

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