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Goals – From here to June — March 5, 2010

Goals – From here to June

whew– some days, time goes by slowly… others, i feel like we are minutes from bringing home The Bumpit!

this post is mostly for me… but since I am probably the only one that reads it anyway, I might as well jot down a few notes.

Things I Would Like to Accomplish Before Baby Becker Arrives:

  • sewing…. for the most part
  • tame my knitting stash – have already started this by donating all the major Acrylic to my Church & Sister’s Day Care!
  • one word: photo albums – i haven’t finished the engagement scrapbook, let alone anything in the last three years!
  • Garage Sale (Scheduled for April 17!)
  • continue to de-clutter (see above)
  • continue to be good natured and accept constructive criticism about my Hoarding Tendencies
  • go through stacks of Magazines and Taste of Home issues that are seriously piling up
  • register for Bumpit
  • figure out Bumpit bedding and room decor
  • maybe even work up the nerve to start my first ever sweater – will need copious amounts of encouragement here.
  • okay, now i need a nap.

What Good Shall I Do This Day? — February 26, 2009

What Good Shall I Do This Day?

(title referenced from here)

i donated blood today! one more time and i am at three gallons! whoopie!

but then, as i sat in the chair with the last ounces to go– the phlebotomist reminded me,
– eat three square meals (Done!)
– drink lots of fluids (done, and done)
– don’t do any heavy lifting (switch purse to other arm)
– don’t do any strenuous activities (done… wait – what about my Lenten Goal?)

yesterday i squeezed in a quick mile with the pups between the Husker baseball victory (yea!) and dinner with the God Children (double yea!)

but today, alas, what shall i do?

i am thinking a steady session with the wii fit – no pushups – might do the trick… and then of course, some more knitting!!!

Happy Lent, day 2, to you all… and if you are looking for a way to save a life, and can mentally focus away from a big huge needle in your arm for 10 minutes– please go donate some blood! 😉

The Lincoln Adventures of Flat Stanley — January 29, 2009

The Lincoln Adventures of Flat Stanley

let me tell you – Flat Stanley has descended upon the Becker’s!

He has taken a tour around the world, To Japan and back, through Colorado and has spent the last three weeks sitting on my dining table… EEK!

So, its time to dust him off, give him a quick tour of Lincoln, and send him on his way… oh where, oh where shall i send him next?

Here are the fun photos of his visit (once finally freed from his traveling folder):

Flat Stanley meets Lucy

Flat Stanley kindly helps me with an unfinished knitting project!
Thanks, Flat Stanley!

Flat Stanley, being the celebrity that he is, was invited to attend a special pre-game meal with members of the Husker Sports Network before the NU vs KU basketball game – 1/28/09

from my seat in Section C-4, Row 21, Seat 11, you can see my parents across the arena — yea for extreme zoom, boo for blurriness!

Flat Stanley says, GO HUSKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(funny, as we took this photo, the people seated behind us said, “FLAT STANLEY!!!”… apparently they once took him along on a five-week trip through Australia!)

Photobucket Photobucket
you may recall my friend, Neil, from a previous post. Well, now he’s even more famous for (a) being on radio talking all things Lottery, during Halftime, and (b) for being awesome!

Good, Good times, Flat Stanley… thanks for visiting… enjoy the rest of your journey!

Not At All Fun Times With The Becker’s — November 10, 2008

Not At All Fun Times With The Becker’s

ok- so here’s a story from “Not At All Fun Times With The Becker’s”… yesterday… early – 1:30am – lucy is barking — but its not really a “i have to potty” bark… more of an “i’m gonna get you” bark… but AJ gets up and let’s her out. Then at 3, same thing, so i get up to let her out – weird thing is that THOR is down there with her – he’s usually up near us. i don’t think much of it, because its 3am… i let her out, she potties. put her back in the kitchen and head back to bed.

8ish i finally wake up for good, walk down the wooden stairs in my slippers and hit the third-to-the-last step wrong and bump all the way down on my left side… roll around on the floor for a bit, seeing stars and hoping AJ will hear the comotion – he doesn’t… run to the bathroom b/c i think i am going to puke– but don’t… then get the dogs and snuggle in my own misery and watch Harry Potter and knit (trying to make the day better)… AJ finally comes downstairs and says he didn’t hear a thing – i must be a quiet faller… ?

so then, my big plan for the day was to clean– but now my left butt hurts and my elbow was quickly bruising, and heck, if AJ got to go hunting all day, i could sit around in my pajamas, forego the lysol and lay around with my pooches… “27 Dresses” was up next, and darnit, i was gonna watch the whole thing. yea me!

but, i must admit, this day still had a funny feel to it….

around 1pm, i decide to get my butt up, and do some crafty stuff. i was heading to mom and dad’s at 2 and wanted to make them a thanksgiving wreath, and work on mine– yea for glue guns… my personal “Gun” of choice! i started gluing a few things and quickly realized i was going to need backup – so i went to grab the trash can from under the sink to set next to me… as i do… what’s sitting on top snacking on the leftovers from my lunch? the tiniest, scariest, gray mouse…. YUCKO!!!!!!!!!! i was inches from it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i looked at him, he looked at me… insert blood-curdling scream and envision tiny mouse and its extra long tail dart one way, whilst i darted the other… grab phone and panic while calling the hunting husband… silly me – you don’t take cell phones hunting – unless your ringer happens to be a Phesant Warble… then, i call my mom, because, naturally, she’s going to be able to help from four miles away. and she really did. she calmed me down and sent dad to help.

Thus, and therefore, i spent the next 17 minutes sitting in the 40-degree weather waiting for my daddy, while the tiny terror did goodness-know’s-what in my kitchen!  Dad was kind enough to set four traps, and I packed my things and got the hell out of there. I went to my mommy’s, and i didn’t go home until the Hunter returned to hunt rodent corpses. Not until i received the full coroner’s report did i return to Cleveland Avenue.

and, i do believe, i am yet to take a full breath. And, now we know what Lucy was hunting for in the middle of the night….

Lord Help Me!