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Water Dobics – Five Meenoutes! — April 6, 2009

Water Dobics – Five Meenoutes!

my most favorite saying since my first trip to Cabo, in 2004, “Water Dobics – Five Meenoutes!!”

Translation: “The Events Staff will be hosting a 30-minute Water Aerobics Class in the Pool, Five Minutes from now!”

of course, after all the fish tacos and pina coladas, you would easily guilt yourself into the pool for a session of Water Dobics. (plus, the Chico leading the class wasn’t too bad to watch!)

My other favorite saying – as said by Chico Mas Guapo del Agua, “Don Be Lazy!” as we did 500 more pec flies whilst jumping in the 4′ water.

ahh, good times.

so, this time around- we had to participate, once again.
Don Be Lazy!

too much fun!

I don’t know EVERY word in Spanish…* — March 30, 2009

I don’t know EVERY word in Spanish…*

we’re back — and slightly sad that our tans have already started to fade… que sera!

boy-oh-boy – what a FUN time in CABO SAN LUCAS!!!! i took over 320 photos and quite a few videos… i will most likely share a good chunk of them over the next few days/weeks…. here is the first taste:

4am shot as we prepared to leave. the dogs were not so happy about being awake,
nor the fact that they didn’t get to join us & luggage in the car.

at the Giggling Marlin, Downtown Cabo

enjoying the sunset cruise on the EcoCat
(very cool, and if you plan to go to Cabo, i highly recommend it!)

a whole day of fishing, and all we caught was a lousy mackerel!
here’s the fish report – though the mention of two tuna…
um, i don’t remember it. maybe i was sleeping!

Aunt Kate and Chaser

Mom & Dad’s 35th Anniversary Party at 12 Tribes

Uncle AJ and Sophie attack the pinata!

the Zip Line… it was hot – but it was fun!

as they say – all good things must come to an end…
though, not without an appearance by AJ’s Mustache!

* in reference to the title: My Dad was so cute in trying to teach almost-3-year-old Sophie a new Spanish word every day. One day was “AGUA”, another was “YUCCA Plant” (which completely made Soph crack up!)… One of the days, he asked her a question and she said, “Grandpa, I don’t know EVERY Spanish Word!”… too cute!

FOUND: In Lincoln, Nebraska — March 19, 2009
Not to make you jealous, but… — March 13, 2009
Cabo Dreaming: 4-Wheelers on the Beach! — February 19, 2009

Cabo Dreaming: 4-Wheelers on the Beach!

ahh, Cabo — i shall see you again soon — one month from tomorrow, in fact!

this 17degree weather can’t bring me down when i remember the Honeymoon Fun we had taking a day to ride 4-wheelers on the beach… Ah… the dust, the helmet, the stinky bandanna that was cloroxed beyond its usefulness – in which i also tried not to be a germ-a-phobe and think about who else had used the helmet and bandanna… and just enjoy the day…. to which, i surely did!!!

Strapped in and ready to go!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
This is my most favorite progression of shots from that day!

though we don’t plan to take this excursion again this time around- it was a lot of fun, and we highly recommend it for anyone taking a trip to CABO!

I hope your day is this special: — February 17, 2009
Did I hear a “WHOO HOO?” … five weeks till cabo!!! — February 13, 2009

Did I hear a “WHOO HOO?” … five weeks till cabo!!!

five weeks till CABO SAN LUCAS, MEXICO!

five weeks, five weeks, five weeks! i can hardly contain myself!!!

so, in honor of the fun- here’s a video from the honeymoon, two years ago…

this time we were staying at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach, on the Pacific side, so the waves were crazy (as you can see) and they wouldn’t let you in the water, due to the under-current…. this time we will be staying at Casa Dorada on Medano Beach, where there are all sorts of water sports and people swimming– just look out for the yelly-feesh!

brrrr….. — February 3, 2009


its effing cold today.

1pm and only 13degrees.

forget this.

Thus and therefore, let’s begin the Countdown to Cabo!!!

44 days!!!!


and for those of you still not yet fully thawed… please to enjoy:

(favorite quote: “There’s a lot more where that came from, Nebraska!”)