I Love My Dog Expo

Saturday, THOR and I woke up early for our shift at the I Love My Dog Expo here in Lincoln! this is the 3rd year for the event and it’s all hosted by Domesti-PUPS.. which, by now, i am sure you all know i LOVE this organization! THOR and i were stationed at the Petting-PUPS […]


whew. OMG. YIPPEE!!!! THOR and I are now an Official Domesti-PUPS “Petting PUPS” Therapy Team In Training! Saturday morning, we got up early, had a good breakfast, leashed up (with Lucy in tow… well, or… towing us!) and went for a good walk/jog/mini-training session. It. Was. Hot… and the session didn’t go as well as […]

Thor Training, Closet Cleaning & Blood Donating

whew – file this under Doing Good Things! THOR and I had another Domesti-PUPS session… it was work at the beginning. a true test of wills, on both our parts. but i started to notice, he’s very good around the two Trainers…. we’ll be walking around in a large circle as a group… while we […]