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Holiday Greetings! — December 11, 2010
I Love My Dog Expo — March 1, 2010

I Love My Dog Expo

Saturday, THOR and I woke up early for our shift at the I Love My Dog Expo here in Lincoln! this is the 3rd year for the event and it’s all hosted by Domesti-PUPS.. which, by now, i am sure you all know i LOVE this organization!

THOR and i were stationed at the Petting-PUPS booth… and boy doesTHOR love the petting!

here he is right before we started the day:

and then, of course, here he is after:

i think i may have created an ice cream-loving monster!

he did so well! and to think, i was originally planning on not bringing him along… i wasn’t sure how he would do, and if it would be more hassle than it would be worth, but again, he shined (shone?) and was the star that i know him to be!

later in the day, I packed up Miss Lucy, so she could experience the wonder of the Expo. poor girl, i feel so bad that she misses out on the fun when THOR and i go out to “work”. We met up with my parents and “Uncle Neil” (as i like to call him). and we had a great time!

while there, i fell in love with Adoorables. If you have a moment, please check out their way-cute stuff! i picked up an awesome teal and purple lab for our front door. love it!!


i’m a sister again… i guess — September 30, 2009

i’m a sister again… i guess

brace yourself for what i am about to say:

my parents got a dog.


i know.

i was shocked too!

it all started as a silly suggestion from my brother, two weeks ago, when he was perusing Facebook and saw a posting from (my new fave doggie group) Domesi-Pups stating: 6 yr old, Blue Merle, Rough-Coated Collie; Retired Therapy Dog; For more info, email

The Bro sent the link to my dad saying, “well, if you ever wanted a dog, this is probably your perfect option. 6-years-old, so no ‘puppy stage’, Domesti-Pups trained and sweet… what more could you ask?”

well, we had a collie growing up, she was so sweet (we had the same birthday!) and she lived for almost 13 years. it has now been 13 years since my parents have had a dog.

i never.


never, thought they would get a dog.

and i have heard plenty of times that AJ and I have two too many dogs. (to which, i do not agree)…

but sweet Neil, the retired therapy dog has found a way into their hearts, and i am excited for that.

Neil came home last night, and of course we stopped by with goodies. he’s the most docile dog i have ever met — hopefully Lucy and THOR can take some pointers from his demeanor!

oh, fun times for sure!!



Estes Park — September 22, 2009

Estes Park

Oh, the Rocky Mountains… how we love thee!

we just returned from a long weekend at the family cabin in Estes Park… we have decided that the trip was ultimately for the dogs.

yes, ladies and gentlemen, we have become those people… but how could you not love those faces? they’re just our babies!!!

pictorial evidence of the travels:
mile two – Lucy is already pumped





KT & THOR checking out the “Big Dogs” (elk) in the front yard

thus: Elk in front yard

KT & Lucy in the Big Thompson River… brrrrrrrrr

Good Girl, Lucy!

Lucy was pooped from all the fun downtown

we talked ourselves into a “working” backpack for the Therapy Dog in Training… we seriously spend more money on our dogs than ourselves.

THEN, we had the opportunity to watch our friend, Russ, play in his Senior year for Wyoming vs Colorado. My dad and bro came out for the game as well – fun times had by all… well, we won’t talk about the score of the game (or the Huskers’ subsequent loss, for that matter)



GO Russ = #70

Sunday, we drove home… and the pups were pooped!!!
Miss Lu, sleeping on my pillow.

sweet babies!!!

can’t wait for our next trip to “The Shack”… 😉

SUCCESS — August 10, 2009





THOR and I are now an Official Domesti-PUPS “Petting PUPS” Therapy Team In Training!

Saturday morning, we got up early, had a good breakfast, leashed up (with Lucy in tow… well, or… towing us!) and went for a good walk/jog/mini-training session.

It. Was. Hot… and the session didn’t go as well as i had hoped. but i kept telling myself that i can’t let my nerves flow from me all the way through the leash, or THOR will not do well at all.

we get home, i clean his ear (poor pooch has a chronic yeast infection in his left ear… i am open to suggestions on how to fix, if anyone has them), and then try a few impromptu commands in the kitchen.

he wasn’t having it.

at this point, i decided we were doomed.

instead of going ballistic in the kitchen, i walked away and decided to remain calm and consider today to be our FIRST test, and that would help us prepare for the second and maybe third (fourth?) test until we passed.

we headed out in the heat, to make our 10:30 test time, with a little padding to make sure he had plenty of ops to potty on every bush, tree, blade of grass in sight before the test.

i am attempting to remain calm…

we walk up to the testing area (amidst high heat and high winds… oh dear, this can’t be good), and meet up with Pam #1 – our awesome Class Trainer. From Day One she knew THOR would have a time at all of this… and kept reminding me throughout the class, “if he eliminates during the test, he will NOT pass!” (hence the pre-planned potty breaks!)… and she said to us, “don’t worry- we’ll hold another testing session in October.”

Great. event Pam thinks we will fail.

so i told myself to calm down (not an easy feat, if you know me), and take the test one task at a time, not to look at it as one whole mountain, just little hills to climb… we’ll figure out where we need improvement, and prepare for the test in October.

We were paired up with a test evaluator (she was awesome!) and proceeded to go through the following test objectives:

  1. Controlled Entry: we had to walk together through a door – THOR could not rush in front of me, or cower behind me = PASSED
  2. Greet a Stranger: “Hello, may I pet your dog?”, (THOR’s most favorite thing in the world: People loving on him) = PASSED
  3. Allow a Stranger to Pet: she brushed him, checked his paws and ears, being mindful of the tenderness of the left ear = PASSED
  4. Reaction to Loud Noises: dropping pans, moving wheel chairs, no problem = PASSED
  5. Controlled Heal with turns, & Sit Command: walk along an L-shaped course, right turn, U-turn & left turn, while leash is in loose Heal: PASSED (slightly shocked)
  6. Sit, Down, Stay, Come: Place dog in “Sit” (okay), Place dog in “Down” (still working on this, and didn’t complete), Place dog in “Stay” (90% on this, usually), Trainer to walk 15-feet from dog, turn around and then call dog to “Come” = PASSED (with the caveat to continue to work on “Down”)
  7. Greet a Stranger with a Strange Dog: we met up with Buster and Paco (i believe), “Double Trouble” as i told THOR, and of course, he thought this mean Play Time, and we had to go back and start over. the trainer was kind enough to give some ideas on how to work on this, we tried again= PASSED
  8. Supervised Separation: THOR got to stand in the shade with a very nice gentleman he had never met – i hid behind a tree for three (very long) minutes. Upon my return, i was told that THOR really didn’t know i was gone (he would go home with anyone) but that the kind gentleman might have some new bruises on his legs from THOR’s tail! = PASSED
  9. Loading & Unloading a vehicle: dog is to wait for the command to get in and out of the car – not just jump in and out at his own free will = PASSED

we walked back to the evaluation table, and our Evaluator and Pam #1 quietly discussed our scores, and Pam #1 grabbed a red scarf and placed it on THOR’s neck… um, what? We Passed? WE PASSED? i started jumping up and down… THOR, was kindly aloof, as per usual.
Sprint PictureMail

Then i chatted with Pam #2, or other awesome Leader, and one that gave us lots of great tips and allowed us to join her class, and she said, “Wow, THOR definitely gets the ‘Most Improved’ award!”

and very sweet, Kendra, took our picture- which made me realize, i should have gussied up after the morning’s run. oh well!
(taken at my parent’s afterward)


what’s next? three-to-six months of on-site training where we will go to approved nursing homes, hospitals and retirement homes and display our “Petting-PUPS” skills. eeeeee!!!!!!!!

Pink…Then Blue — June 17, 2009

Pink…Then Blue

HA! nope, still not anywhere near talking about baby things.

it’s our house!

you may remember this photo, where i mentioned our new TREE:
Sprint PictureMail
well, look closely and you see the pink (or salmon?) house… I call it “Blush & Bashful” (Steel Magnolia’s Reference)
Consider this, “BEFORE”

for the last two weeks, we have been in the process of getting new siding – here is the “IN BETWEEN” stage:

Today, it should all be about done, and, shocker of all shockers, we went with Blue & Brown!

here is a photo from about a week ago:

oh, but don’t worry. you can never just purchase new siding. once you do that, you throw in the gutters, and then request gutter guard. then all your light fixtures start to look a little drab, so you buy new ones, and then you need to paint the trim pieces, and then you decide to buy some more plants, and then you start looking at your backyard and think, if i just add a little bit here and there, and then you realize that you hate that your two pooches have completely torn up the yard, so your husband buys an electric fence kit PLUS an additional collar (because you have two dogs, you know) and then you need better storm doors, and plan on only buying two and end up with three, and while you’re at Lowe’s you find two interior lights on sale that you just have to have (you bargain shopper, you!) and that goes into the cart, and then you have to buy paint for the exterior doors, which you have to remove in order to put the proper coats on, so you are living with your house wide open for three days (thank goodness for the new, lock-able, storm doors!) and your house is a pit because you have been living in a state of flux for three weeks, and you are counting down the day (15, thanks for asking) for all of your Mom’s family to come into town to celebrate your grandfather’s 90th birthday (EEE!) so you want the place to look so nice, and you are positive that no one will even come over while they are in town, but just in case… oh, and don’t forget you have to paint the garage door – and you and your lovely hubby can’t come to an agreement on whether it should be all blue, all white, all red (i say NO to the barn door look!) or blue with white trim, or white with blue trim, or blue with brown trim, and all you know is that it CANNOT stay pink and brown for much longer….


so, this is my life! Fun Times with the Beckers, indeed!

***by the way- if you are in the Lincoln-area and are in need of new Siding, Windows or Gutters — PLEASE call Nick and the guys at Capital City Exteriors… they do an impressive job! and i’m the worst kind of client, I am high-maintenance, but i think i am low-maintenance client!(When Harry Met Sally Reference)***

on a happier note… — June 15, 2009

on a happier note…

i rarely stop for coffee in the morning.

i mean, i ALWAYS drink coffee in the morning, but i am of the mind that if they are going to provide it at work, i’ll drink it for free… however, there are those days when i just can’t seem to stomach the office blend… so i’ll stop.

the other day, i was by The Mill, and i LOVE the Mill, but never stop. so i stopped. as i pulled up to a meter, i saw this little guy, hanging out — thank goodness for camera phones!!!

Sprint PictureMail

i swear to you, i walked up to him and said, “hi sweetie”, and he slowly moved his head from right to left, and then i took this shot! love it, love it, love it.

plus, i am in awe of his patience – my dogs would be out of that car and off with the first semi-friendly-seeming person to walk by! 😉

29 times the fun! — June 2, 2009

29 times the fun!

well, the birthday weekend went off without a hitch. i will admit, yes, i do feel older. odd…

but it was a great time! filled with Raspberry Margaritas, Karaoke, Roller Derby (!), Japanese BBQ and of course, more fun times with family and friends!

here is a photo representation:
Birthday Week Kick-off – Memorial Day Picnic with the fam
(i think aunt june loves swinging more than even sophie!)

Uncle AJ & Chaser take a turn at the swings

a birthday night out with my besties!

there’s always room for a round of “Love Shack

can you say, “Yummo!”??

Family Photo at Tokyo Steakhouse!

Happy Good Friday — April 10, 2009
I don’t know EVERY word in Spanish…* — March 30, 2009

I don’t know EVERY word in Spanish…*

we’re back — and slightly sad that our tans have already started to fade… que sera!

boy-oh-boy – what a FUN time in CABO SAN LUCAS!!!! i took over 320 photos and quite a few videos… i will most likely share a good chunk of them over the next few days/weeks…. here is the first taste:

4am shot as we prepared to leave. the dogs were not so happy about being awake,
nor the fact that they didn’t get to join us & luggage in the car.

at the Giggling Marlin, Downtown Cabo

enjoying the sunset cruise on the EcoCat
(very cool, and if you plan to go to Cabo, i highly recommend it!)

a whole day of fishing, and all we caught was a lousy mackerel!
here’s the fish report – though the mention of two tuna…
um, i don’t remember it. maybe i was sleeping!

Aunt Kate and Chaser

Mom & Dad’s 35th Anniversary Party at 12 Tribes

Uncle AJ and Sophie attack the pinata!

the Zip Line… it was hot – but it was fun!

as they say – all good things must come to an end…
though, not without an appearance by AJ’s Mustache!

* in reference to the title: My Dad was so cute in trying to teach almost-3-year-old Sophie a new Spanish word every day. One day was “AGUA”, another was “YUCCA Plant” (which completely made Soph crack up!)… One of the days, he asked her a question and she said, “Grandpa, I don’t know EVERY Spanish Word!”… too cute!