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the weekend flu by… — March 2, 2009

the weekend flu by…

don’t tell Betsy– but yep, its the flu. apparently its making its rounds faster than the hottest celeb gossip… the BFF has it, as does her BF… the people at work are dropping like flies (and blaming ME for it… uggh!)… and the fingers are tightly crossed in hopes that AJ does not get it.

i must, must, MUST get better soon — a big week is ahead — in just a few hours, really– and i must be in tip-top shape for BK’s wedding… and i will NOT let her know of all this drama because i remember that week prior to my wedding– no unnecessary info necessary…

but i have been resting. resting until i am sick of resting, and then resting some more. thank goodness for weekends.

this morning i was so looking forward to a hot, steamy shower to wash off all the sickies… but instead, i had to wisk Lucy into the shower with me, as she chose to stand under THOR as he pee’d on the bushes…. classy. but now she’s a fluffy, clean babers!

nutty dog.

So Help Me If I Am Getting Sick Again!!! — February 27, 2009
brrrr….. — February 3, 2009


its effing cold today.

1pm and only 13degrees.

forget this.

Thus and therefore, let’s begin the Countdown to Cabo!!!

44 days!!!!


and for those of you still not yet fully thawed… please to enjoy:

(favorite quote: “There’s a lot more where that came from, Nebraska!”)

blowing my brains out – and putting my faith in the anti-bacterial — January 16, 2009

blowing my brains out – and putting my faith in the anti-bacterial

cold. day 8. its up into my eyes now. is this what a migraine feels like? i didn’t know it could move farther than my nose.

but i carry a big box of kleenex with me everywhere i go (and i already left one box at the Lottery offices as I was leaving a meeting… i am so forgetful lately!). thank goodness for the lotion kind.

Instead of rushing to the loo every time i blow my nose, i prefer to use BBW Anti-Bacterial moisturizing hand lotion, while i sit at my desk… i feel like i am placing a false sense of security on this product. can it really be killing all the vicious germies? i am appreciative of the moisturizing benefits, since i have been scouring my hands enough lately, and the red crackiness is pretty unattractive and painful… but is it really going to save me from further germ annihilation? and if its really so great, why not just swallow the stuff? oh well… this is what i have to work with, so i’ll take what i can get.

last night i had a lot of down time with the pooches– and since it was negative-4-degrees, they didn’t get to be outside as much as they wanted. i tried to use the time wisely and work another panel of the Lyre hat that i think looks oh-so-cute in the picture. man, oh, man… i couldn’t wrap my brain around it, and i had to do the one thing i hate, twice… i ripped it out and started over. uggh. so i finally gave up and just watched more of my fave DVR.

i vow to be 100% by the next post…

its cold… and i have one… bugger! — January 15, 2009

its cold… and i have one… bugger!

negative 2 degrees. do you understand what that feels like? its cold to the bone. people are walking around downtown with their scarves over their faces so they don’t have to breathe in the coldness. i won’t even try to explain what the windchill is like, and how much colder it makes everything.

on top of that, i HAVE a cold. bugger! it started precisely at 12:13am on Saturday morning, as we were driving the blushing groom-to-be (Wyatt) home from a night out with friends, to get some good rest before the big day….

my cold started as a scratchy throat from hell, and has, within the last 24-hours, progressed up into my nose with lots of goo…. but i am hoping it finds its way out of me soon… i have a big weekend coming up –beer and hockey!

I am walking around in a stuffy-nosed haze and most of the people here at work are telling me to go home. why won’t i listen to them? i am brewing a personal vendetta with NyQuil because it has not knocked me out at all in the last three nights… and i fear that my husband will never get any sleep. the dogs, though, sleep right through it. no worries. bugger!

but, enough about me and my mucous.

here are some fun photos from Wyatt & Gerty’s wedding weekend of fun…. and until next time, i will be spraying lysol on anything i touch!

The Groom & Best Man, all gussied up for a big day!


silly, silly

the blessing

the proud parents of the groom – i love this photo!

The Maids Toast

the BEST Best Man Speech I have Ever Heard! (well, Doug’s was pretty good, too!)

obligatory Becker photo