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well, it’s not my fault, at least — February 15, 2011

well, it’s not my fault, at least

i trained for and ran the Lincoln Half-Marathon in 2004.

Ever since then, I have said I was going to run it again.

I made a half-hearted attempt to reprise my efforts in 2005, but was quick to blame my training failure on an aching left knee and the fact that my niece was born on the morning of one of the training races.

“well, there’s always next year”… i said…

and i said that again in 2006 and 2007 and 2008 and 2009.

then i said, “i ran it before my 25th birthday, and i will run it before my 30th birthday.”

and then i was pregnant. if you do the math, i was 33-weeks pregnant during the 2010 marathon. and of course, i didn’t do any sort of training that would have allowed me the ability to even walk 13.1 miles at that point.

So i started to say, out loud, “I will run it in 2011. No, seriously, I will.”

and then i had other pregnant friends agreeing with me.

this will be great, i thought, i have said it out loud, so i can’t go back now. plus, i have other people that are counting on me to train. AND, it will be great motivation to get back into shape.

done, and done.


i haven’t run since, oh, say, 2004.

i had planned a big blog post on December 1, 2010 – the date that they were to open the 2011 registrations. Heck, i even had visions of actually being one of the first to sign up. because if you do, then there’s really no turning back.

but they didn’t open registrations until a few weeks after December 1st.

and then, well, i had plenty of time.

so, i thought, maybe it will be a great New Year’s resolution. sign up, and start training.

um, do you have any idea how cold and snowy/icy it’s been around here since 1/1/11?

i have other friends that have signed up and were successfully training. and really, i could do a 12-week training regimen which would have set my first day of training on February 6. i could do a week of training and then sign up based on how well it went.

well, that would have been a week ago.

i didn’t start training.

in fact, i don’t think i even thought about any sort of running within the past week.

and now, my half-marathon-training-co-worker just informed me that it’s all sold out. (and corroborated here)


so, now i am taking the mental stance that it’s “Fate” and i just wasn’t supposed to run it this year.

see, it is in no way my fault that i wasn’t able to sign up.

and, there’s always 2012.

grammatically correct since 2011 — February 1, 2011

grammatically correct since 2011

well folks, it’s true. i may have a journalism degree, but that apparently does not mean i can write good well.

a few months ago, my High-School-English-Teacher-Friend joked with me how gauche it was that she received a letter from friends and the stamp on the outside said, From the Parker’s

“With an apostrophe-S”, she said, and snickered at me.

i smiled and pretended that i “got” the reference, and “oh, the shame!”- while i was really scanning through my mental capacities to tell if i, too, am an offender.

guilty, apparently.

you see, the apostrophe is one of those elusive grammatical devices that has the tendency to puzzle me. is it apostrophe-S? or S-apostrophe?

apparently, in this case it’s neither. (or “nyther” as AJ prefers to say)

my fave High-School-English-Teacher-Friend was kind enough to provide me with the following flow chart: apostrophe flow

okay – thank you for that – but i was still stumped.

so i broke down and asked the best proofreader this side of O Street what she thought:

There would be more than one of y’all, so that should be the plural of “Becker,” which would be “Beckers.”

If you want to indicate single possessive–“This is KT Becker’s car”–that would be apostrophe followed by “s.”

If you want to indicate plural possessive–“This is the Beckers’ car” (meaning that more than one Becker owns it–KT and AJ and Baby B)–that would be “Beckers’.”

You don’t, for the most part, need an apostrophe to indicate plural. Just in unusual situations. For the most part, make plural by adding “s” or “es.”

So, to answer your question, should be “Fun Times with the Beckers.”

Make sense?

um, well sort of.

so, as of now, notice the header and check your google readers, they should display the non-apostrophized title of this blog.


Glucose… FAIL — March 17, 2010

Glucose… FAIL

son of a….

yesterday seemed so good too.

AJ and i were having fun chatting in the waiting room, we did our usual witty banter with the nurse.

i was feeling great about this.

we wait our requisite time…

and then the Doc comes in with “that look”… I didn’t pass the Glucose Test.

so i asked what my score was.



(insert unhappy mama, here).

and that’s where the appointment took a turn.

from there, the Doc took the measurement then set up the Doppler to hear The Bumpit’s heart beat.

Another funny look, and “oops, i heard a few skips in there…”


so then we had the pleasure (?) of being hooked up to the fancy heart monitor for 20 minutes while i tried not to panic and AJ kept reading me the changing heart rates.





i start to think about what appointments i will need to cancel if she admits us to the hospital tonight…






apparently all was fine.

so i am trying to look on the bright side.
1) now i get to eat a candy bar for three days straight before the big, fat, fancy 3-hour glucose test.
2) we got to spend 20 uninterrupted minutes just listing to the Bumpit’s heart, breath, movements and kicks…

yea Bumpit!