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hey look, it’s a baby! — February 11, 2011

hey look, it’s a baby!

it has come to my attention that i have been less than attentive to the posting of baby photos on this blog. i hope to remedy that with this post.

here are a smattering of pictures from just this last week.

laughing hysterically as Gma Sue says, “Peekee Peekee Peekee!”

playing at Gma & Gpa Becker’s

realizing that Bathtub Duck also makes a great out of water toy!

a rare photo with mommy

daddy is so silly!

flirting, way past bedtime

loving my new festive shirt from Auntie BK & Uncle Bri!

Happy Holidays From the Pooches — December 28, 2009
Estes Park — September 22, 2009

Estes Park

Oh, the Rocky Mountains… how we love thee!

we just returned from a long weekend at the family cabin in Estes Park… we have decided that the trip was ultimately for the dogs.

yes, ladies and gentlemen, we have become those people… but how could you not love those faces? they’re just our babies!!!

pictorial evidence of the travels:
mile two – Lucy is already pumped





KT & THOR checking out the “Big Dogs” (elk) in the front yard

thus: Elk in front yard

KT & Lucy in the Big Thompson River… brrrrrrrrr

Good Girl, Lucy!

Lucy was pooped from all the fun downtown

we talked ourselves into a “working” backpack for the Therapy Dog in Training… we seriously spend more money on our dogs than ourselves.

THEN, we had the opportunity to watch our friend, Russ, play in his Senior year for Wyoming vs Colorado. My dad and bro came out for the game as well – fun times had by all… well, we won’t talk about the score of the game (or the Huskers’ subsequent loss, for that matter)



GO Russ = #70

Sunday, we drove home… and the pups were pooped!!!
Miss Lu, sleeping on my pillow.

sweet babies!!!

can’t wait for our next trip to “The Shack”… 😉

on a happier note… — June 15, 2009

on a happier note…

i rarely stop for coffee in the morning.

i mean, i ALWAYS drink coffee in the morning, but i am of the mind that if they are going to provide it at work, i’ll drink it for free… however, there are those days when i just can’t seem to stomach the office blend… so i’ll stop.

the other day, i was by The Mill, and i LOVE the Mill, but never stop. so i stopped. as i pulled up to a meter, i saw this little guy, hanging out — thank goodness for camera phones!!!

Sprint PictureMail

i swear to you, i walked up to him and said, “hi sweetie”, and he slowly moved his head from right to left, and then i took this shot! love it, love it, love it.

plus, i am in awe of his patience – my dogs would be out of that car and off with the first semi-friendly-seeming person to walk by! 😉

I don’t know EVERY word in Spanish…* — March 30, 2009

I don’t know EVERY word in Spanish…*

we’re back — and slightly sad that our tans have already started to fade… que sera!

boy-oh-boy – what a FUN time in CABO SAN LUCAS!!!! i took over 320 photos and quite a few videos… i will most likely share a good chunk of them over the next few days/weeks…. here is the first taste:

4am shot as we prepared to leave. the dogs were not so happy about being awake,
nor the fact that they didn’t get to join us & luggage in the car.

at the Giggling Marlin, Downtown Cabo

enjoying the sunset cruise on the EcoCat
(very cool, and if you plan to go to Cabo, i highly recommend it!)

a whole day of fishing, and all we caught was a lousy mackerel!
here’s the fish report – though the mention of two tuna…
um, i don’t remember it. maybe i was sleeping!

Aunt Kate and Chaser

Mom & Dad’s 35th Anniversary Party at 12 Tribes

Uncle AJ and Sophie attack the pinata!

the Zip Line… it was hot – but it was fun!

as they say – all good things must come to an end…
though, not without an appearance by AJ’s Mustache!

* in reference to the title: My Dad was so cute in trying to teach almost-3-year-old Sophie a new Spanish word every day. One day was “AGUA”, another was “YUCCA Plant” (which completely made Soph crack up!)… One of the days, he asked her a question and she said, “Grandpa, I don’t know EVERY Spanish Word!”… too cute!

mega post + photos + dinner last night — February 24, 2009

mega post + photos + dinner last night

whew… nearing the end of tuesday… FAT Tuesday! fun times, indeed!

i am uploading quite a few photos to PhotoBucket– so here we go:

Lucy had a very fun time celebrating Valentine’s Day with her Jaunty Pink Scarf.

She also spent last Saturday (THOR, too) at Holmes Lake for the Polar Bear Plunge for Special Olympics ( – cheering on Aunt Shelly– brrrrr!!!! Lu got to meet Herbie Husker… so that was exciting

and then, the goofball decided to plunge herself– it was cold… she’s nutty!

in non-dog entertainment, Thursday, we met up with the BFF for some Karaoke!!!

and Megs was so kind as to shoot a shot of the bling… good snaps, Missy!
We had a fun time singing… and being all around goofy!

here is AJ at the NE Bookstore – self-explanatory, i would say….

sooo– for the post about dinner last night… i am finally learning how to work the google reader, and am hooked on these (and many other) blogs…
sixoneseven – where i found a recipe for roasted red pepper soup
and a Friend to Knit With where i found (a) my newly prized dutch oven and (b) a recipe for bread with which to cook in it

so i attempted:

first, with the raising of the bread.
the evening prior (post Oscars) i tried for the wheat version. that yeast must have been bad… no rising here.
so in the a.m. i made a white flour version – by the time i was home from work, it was raising as suggested in the recipe. yea me!

i decided to move forward with BOTH loaves, because, what did i have to lose?
it was like a science experiment in my own oven… (though i had a pretty good idea of the outcome)

then, to the roasting of the red peppers (i added half an orange one… because)

so this is the experiment in the oven…

and this is once sliced– hahaha! (experiment successful – i guess you could say!)
AJ wanted to save the wheat for the dogs– but i fear what that may do to their digestive tract… (and we all know who would receive the brunt of that, don’t we?)

so, i am a slug and didn’t get a photo of the finished rrp soup… but, yum! (i guess i could show you the empty Tupperware in which i ate from for lunch today– but that is probably a bit much for photo realism)

on the soup: i really liked it… not so sure about AJ… but i kind of prefaced his eating it by saying, “if you don’t like it…”… and of course, i made two chicken cutlets because Goodness Forbid i serve a meatless meal… he did say it was “good”… but he’s just a sweet boy, so you really never know.

and, i may be partly to blame – i never actually told him there was a pear (gasp) and carrots (oh, for shame) in the recipe… because i know all too well, that the rrp would never get anywhere near his lips…. i am learning, oh yes, i am learning….

unless of course, the hubs is reading this, and then i would say to that– i’ll only make it when i host the friends for Girls’ Night soon!! 😉 Love you! 😉 (eek!)

btw– i am suddenly a fan of greek yogurt! yum!

so, that’s quite the post… now- to rescue the sewing machine from the fix-it-guy!

I hope your day is this special: — February 17, 2009
Things I Love: Alpha Chi Omega — February 16, 2009

Things I Love: Alpha Chi Omega

A L P-H-A, C H I-Omega
A L P-H-A, C H I-Omega
We are the Alpha Chi’s and we are really great
(clap, clap, clap, clap)
We wear the Lyre Badge and there is no mistake
We’ve got the greatest girls from all the 50 States, we’re singing,
A L P-H-A, C H I-Omega
A L P-H-A, C H I-Omega

I had a blast as an active member if the Iota Lambda Chapter of Alpha Chi Omega. I pledged in the fall of 1998 and have made some awesome friends and had great life experiences because of it! As i get older, i realize how important those friends are and how they fit into such an important time in my life! With the magic of technology, its great to be able to connect with so many more of them through Facebook and their own blogs!

And recently, I have had the opportunity to connect with even more sisters through Xi Chapter at the University of Nebraska… where I sit on the House Corporation Board, I serve as advisor to three offices (Membership Development, Fraternity Relations and Philanthropy) and am the President of the Kappa Kappa Alumnae Chapter … (by the way, if you are a Lincoln-area Alumna, contact me, we would love to have you as a part of the group!)

It’s really fun being involved with the local chapter, and interacting with the collegians. They are brilliant young women, with bright futures, that remind me that, sometimes, it’s best just to be a little crazy and let loose!

I love AXO!

here are some photos of AXO fun!

At Sam’s Wedding

At Stephanie’s Wedding

at My Wedding!

Photobucket Photobucket
I LOVE that my Cousin is an AXO… (and a Horned Frog!)

Photobucket Photobucket
Fun times at TCU Homecoming 2008 – AXO Reunion

The Ladies of Iota Lambda at AXO National Convention – 2008

The Ladies of Xi Chapter at AXO National Convention – 2008
With the Continuing Excellence Award (yippee!)

Mamma’s Little 40-Ouncer — February 11, 2009

Mamma’s Little 40-Ouncer

Well, Lucy got her post last week, and now THOR has been pouting… okay, he really doesn’t know, because, being the good parent that i am, i don’t give him internet access… he’s only six, you know. (well, i guess, in “dog years” that would make him 42… which would make him the Man of the House… ha! try to tell AJ that… actually, try to tell Lucy that… we all know she rules the roost!)

Anywhoozer… our sweet little boy deserves his own post, as well!

frisbee fun


hiding his favorite toy from Lucy (2nd day we had her)
*to which, she destroyed the toy last week – it’s disemboweled and inside out, currently

playing with AJ

worn out after a trip to the farm

Forty’s 15 minutes of fame!

He’s such a sweetie, and such a cuddler… to think that he spent the first four years of his life in an 8′ x 5′ dog run on a cement slab… poor baby! he’s my sweet boy, and would be most happy following me around all day… i should look into bringing him to work with me some time… you think they would let me?

I joke that when i met AJ, he was trying to impress me with all these things… “I have my own house”, “I own a corvette”… “i have a dog”… to which i responded, “YOU HAVE A DOG?!” 😉

We Love Our THOR!

Beadles, Sponge Bob, Frisbees and Stromboli — February 10, 2009

Beadles, Sponge Bob, Frisbees and Stromboli

Oh, what a Monday!

First, i had the pleasure of joining my Mom and Grandpa R at the Beadle Center to meet up with some Sixth Graders from Dawes Middle School – the recipients of a Remigio Teaching Excellence Grant… it was cool. I drive by the Beadle Center every morning on my way to work or to help out at the Alpha Chi house… but i had never been inside…

We split into two groups, and I got to join up with my 7th grade health teacher… small world, i tell you! The kids were too funny, i couldn’t help but to capture some snaps:
Touring the Greenhouses

Demonstrating the Venus Flytrap… though, this one doesn’t thrive on human blood

Quote of the day: “Hey, a Pineapple – is that where Sponge Bob lives?”
From the mouths of babes…

The day progressed as normal… as normal as a 55-degree rainy February day (odd)…

I went home to play with the pups… let them have a go at their new PetsMart frisbees we picked up at the Dog Expo, Saturday:

did a bit of sewing (which i hope to blog on in the near future…)

and then created AJ’s most favorite meal– STROMBOLI!
I shall share this with the world, because it’s just that good!


1 roll Pillsbury French Loaf dough
8 oz Smoked Turkey slices (or your favorite flat meat)
1 bunch scallions
1 package bacon crumbles/bacon bits (or be all fancy, and cook your own bacon!)
8 oz – 16 oz Cheese (here, i used Pepper Jack slices)

Preheat oven to 350-degrees
unroll french loaf dough – make sure not to tear
evenly lay out flat meat
finely chop scallions and scatter on top of flat meat
scatter bacon pieces atop
add cheese evenly
*here, i called an audible and added dollops of cream cheese… do as you wish

Tightly and evenly roll dough into french loaf shape. be sure to secure all seams and ends.
Poke air holes in top of loaf.
*again, i added some olive oil prior to baking

Bake for 26-30 minutes.

Play with your dogs while Stromboli bakes:
(Lucy: Extreme Closeup!)

Once finished, spread top with a slight bit of butter to add sheen
slice and enjoy!
*i probably should have left it in the oven for 2:30 longer… but it was already 8:45pm and we were starving!

Other variations include:
ITALIAN – tomato sauce, pepperoni, sausage and mozzarella cheese
PHILLY – roast beef, sauteed onions and green peppers and provolone cheese
CLUB – turkey, ham, bacon, cheddar and ranch powdered seasoning