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Merry Xmas from the Pups — December 23, 2010

Merry Xmas from the Pups

Oh, THOR and Lucy– how your lives have changed… as we anticipated they would.

but part of me always thought, “oh, no. they will always be my babies. the arrival of an actual baby won’t change things.”

well. i was wrong.

my poor, poor, neglected four-legged babes.

the other day i was showing off our 2010 Holiday Cards, when a co-worker so kindly pointed out that the pups weren’t mentioned… anywhere.

oh, what have i done?

so, in an effort to make things right, here are my loves wishing you all the squeaky toys and rawhide you can handle this holiday season!
Photobucket Photobucket

and yes, i ran out and bought them absurd amounts of chew toys and bones in an effort to make it up to them.

a present for Lucy! — June 14, 2010

a present for Lucy!

i just bought this for Lucy!

maybe it’s because i am so excited about TCU making it to the College World Series

or maybe it’s because her Husker collar is slowly losing it’s cute imprint and becoming just a black collar on a black dog.

i had decided that purple was probably the color of choice for my girl – i just wasn’t finding anything i liked at the big-box pet stores… and then i remembered, ETSY!

so i found the cute one through this link

and here are some other cute ones i considered:

from here

from here and here’s the website

from here

from here

from here

i love etsy!

a taste of spring, and more blood — March 19, 2010

a taste of spring, and more blood

yesterday was gorgeous.

mom and I took advantage of the awesome weather report to take all three dogs (THOR, Lucy and Uncle Neil) on a long walk! and of course, i attempted to take camera phone pictures while trying to hold two leashes.
Sprint PictureMail

Sprint PictureMail
this was the first meeting for THOR and Neil – and THOR was loving up on him in such a funny way. we noticed that he kept laying his chin on Neil’s neck as if he was saying, “Oh, how nice and fluffy your fur is, Uncle Neil”

THOR also had his Domesti-PUPS visit at the Legacy Estates, where he got to see his doggy buddies, Teddy, Colby, Jake & Paco. though, THOR was more interested in the Ice Cream than anything. i wouldn’t call it out most successful visit, but a visit all the same.

this morning, i woke up an hour early (OK, i didn’t really sleep well all night in anticipation) for my 3-hour glucose tolerance test – since i failed the first one…. you know, the more people i talked to, the more i heard that it’s pretty common that everyone fails on the first try… unless you are completely fasting, which i was not.

so i was already bent out of shape for giving up three hours of my friday morning… but then i decided to turn that frown upside down, and made the most of it.

I used my time between the four (FOUR) blood draws to:

  • Pre-Register at the hospital (Which, by the way, looks like a hotel lobby more than a hospital delivery room)
  • Submit The Becker’s in to the 2010 Census… yes folks, prepare yourselves for more Fun Times ahead!
  • i almost have the baby blanket all knit up for Baby Austin, which is just slightly late, since he was born on Monday!
  • Sprint PictureMail

and then i was out of there by 10:15am – just in time to run to my car and head to the nearest McDonald’s for a Bacon Egg & Cheese Biscuit… because i’m worth it!

sad thing- their credit card machine wasn’t working, and i, as per usual, was completely out of cash.

so i quickly jaunted to the bank, deposited a check i forgot i needed to deposit anyway, and withdrew cash and got back in line. lucky for me, they still allowed me to order breakfast six minutes past the cutoff…

this here is one happy mama! 🙂

today’s weather feels more like December… with snow to boot… but that just means that a weekend of more baby prep is in the works- yea me!

I Love My Dog Expo — March 1, 2010

I Love My Dog Expo

Saturday, THOR and I woke up early for our shift at the I Love My Dog Expo here in Lincoln! this is the 3rd year for the event and it’s all hosted by Domesti-PUPS.. which, by now, i am sure you all know i LOVE this organization!

THOR and i were stationed at the Petting-PUPS booth… and boy doesTHOR love the petting!

here he is right before we started the day:

and then, of course, here he is after:

i think i may have created an ice cream-loving monster!

he did so well! and to think, i was originally planning on not bringing him along… i wasn’t sure how he would do, and if it would be more hassle than it would be worth, but again, he shined (shone?) and was the star that i know him to be!

later in the day, I packed up Miss Lucy, so she could experience the wonder of the Expo. poor girl, i feel so bad that she misses out on the fun when THOR and i go out to “work”. We met up with my parents and “Uncle Neil” (as i like to call him). and we had a great time!

while there, i fell in love with Adoorables. If you have a moment, please check out their way-cute stuff! i picked up an awesome teal and purple lab for our front door. love it!!


in need of a doggy workout — February 12, 2010

in need of a doggy workout

i came home to this last night:
Sprint PictureMail

Lucy decided that i was gone too long, and needed to take out her aggression on her dog bed.

NO, NO, Bad Dog!

i lugged out the sewing machine to repair not one, but TWO beds last night. uggh.

this cold weather has kept the pups and me from our usual walks — which would greatly benefit all three (four?) of us.

Dear Mother Nature – and Mr. Groundhog – please melt this snow and ice and bring back 40-degree temps so we can get our walk on!
thank you,

My Name is ‘No-No Bad Dog’, What’s Yours? — February 1, 2010

My Name is ‘No-No Bad Dog’, What’s Yours?

this weekend… i was taking it easy, catching up on a little DVR and the dogs decided to play a little game of Rough House.

they were nowhere near me, and i found a way to tune it out — apparently too well — suddenly Lucy was running from THOR and chose to run around the couch while he was in hot pursuit. when she got to me, she chose to use my right abdomen as a spring board to launch herself off the couch and onto THOR.


needless to say- i have a call into the Doc to see if we broke the baby.

~Freaked Out Mama

And then it was LOVE — January 29, 2010
Conversations with Dogs — January 8, 2010

Conversations with Dogs

so, while we were out of town, we were oh-so-fortunate that AJ’s parent’s agreed to take the pups… this, of course, was a big request, because the last time we did this to them, we almost put his parents in a tailspin when the pups ran away while we were in Cabo in 2008.

don’t worry, we don’t blame them… the same thing happened five months later when we were back for Independence Day ’08 and AJ let them out and they were off again… what can i say.

either way… not only were we so glad to be home, you could just tell the pups were so happy to have us back. I swear that Lucy kept looking at me as if she just couldn’t believe it was really me.

so, on the drive home from Hastings to Lincoln, AJ and I were laughing about what conversations the pups were having while we were gone:

LUCY: “oh Thor, where did they go? why did they leave us with these little dogs inside and all those smelly big dogs (cows) outside?”
THOR: “Lu, get it through your head that they are gone. This is our home now. We have to learn to accept it.”
LUCY: “i just won’t believe it. they have to come back.”
THOR: “when will you ever learn, little one? listen to me, i am an old man and i know the ways of the world. they said their goodbyes. Just be happy this place is warm and they keep feeding us food.”
LUCY: “nope. i’m not going to eat until they get back.” (and she didn’t)
THOR: “go ahead and starve. that’s not going to bring them back any faster. I’m going to go snuggle up to that tall one and make the best of this situation.”

once we were back, you could just tell that Lucy kept looking at THOR saying, “See, I told you they’d come back for us!”

i wonder if she was sitting by the window singing “Tomorrow” and “Maybe” from Annie!

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