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Exciting New Book: The Opposite of Me, by Sarah Pekkanen — March 3, 2010

Exciting New Book: The Opposite of Me, by Sarah Pekkanen

Just learned about an awesome new book by a new author, Sarah Pekkanen.

You might know that my favorite author is Jennifer Weiner… I have every single one of her books… except her latest, “Best Friends Forever”… but I hope to remedy that soon!

Anyway- on Jennifer’s blog, she makes mention that TODAY (3/3/10) is the pre-sale day for Sarah Pekkanen’s debut novel, “The Opposite of Me: A Novel
The Opposite of Me: A Novel, by Sarah Pekkanen

AND, both authors are doing giveaways if you can prove that you have purchased Sarah’s book today… which, of course, i did.

and you can do it too – go here to see Sarah Pekkanen’s Blog and giveaway.
and go here to see Jennifer Weiner’s Blog and giveaway.

i get nothing for posting this – not even an entry into a drawing or anything.

but i wanted to share because i simply love books and reading and all things fun! if you do too, please join me!!!!!

Happy Reading!

books are our friends! — October 9, 2009

books are our friends!

i love to read. it all started with The Baby-sitters Club series (which spurred on my babysitting profession from ages 11 to 25), and then various literature classes throughout high school and college led me to love (Faulkner, Morrison, Twain, Bronte, Marquez) and sometimes not-so-love (uggh, “Emma” and “Paradise Lost“) various works.

now that i no longer have to read for school, i find it to be way more fun.

and true, in my early 20’s i was known to go to the book store and pick up the first tome with a hot pink cover and some sort of “Chick Lit” theme, but really, i love books!!!

By the way, i LOVE anything by Jennifer Weiner. If you have not yet red “Good In Bed” or “Little Earthquakes” — please do now, ladies!

so, about a year ago, my good friend, C, told me about this fun site called “” and i am suddenly quite a fan! 😉 you post books that you have read (or no longer want to own) and then if someone else on the site would like to read that book – YOU mail it to them (cheap!) and then YOU get a credit for a free book! (did you hear that? FREE!!!)

click here, and then you can set up your own swappin’ site!
<img alt=" – Book Club to Swap, Trade & Exchange Books for Free." src="

since i set up my account, i have received (and read) the Time Traveler’s Wife and Wicked, and have recently received TONS of other books, now in my queue (The Poisonwood Bible, White Teeth, and way too many others. and of course, I have the latest from Jennifer Weiner sitting in my “Want” pile (read: MUST HAVE)… but its probably a long time coming, so i might just have to purchase that myself.

it’s a pretty neat service – and if you have lots of books lying about, why not post them here, and share the fun of reading!!!

ed note: you’ll notice on my list, the plethora of “Conservative Political”-type books… those belonged to my 90-year-old Grandfather and GOP funder. I offered to post them for him, and have been surprised by the like-minded right-leaning folks that have enjoyed receiving his books… plus, then I get credits to get me some more fun books – maybe or maybe not with hot pink covers!

PS: thanks C for sharing my love of books, for turning me on to this site, and for the title of this post! 😉

Currently Reading: The Time Traveler’s Wife — April 1, 2009

Currently Reading: The Time Traveler’s Wife

I am in the middle of the best book – The Time Traveler’s Wife, by Audrey Niffenegger.
read it!

it was referred to me by some friends, via Facebook.
i started this on the last day in Cabo. Immediately, a woman at the pool walked by and said, “Oh, you will love that book!”…

i must say, it has a whole lot more content than the Chick Lit i am usually lugging around. In fact, i had just finished “Straight Talking” by Jane Green, and was quite unimpressed…. this book is a welcome change!

it really makes me think, and then whole time travel thing (that’s not a spoiler, b/c its in the title, people!) slightly boggles my mind, and i like it!!!

i am only on page 241 right now- so please, no spoilers from anyone out there… but if you have read it, are reading it or want to read it, feel free to comment!!!

oh, and i am oh-so-excited that this is currently in production in Hollywood!