Running in the Rain… Just Running in the Rain

well, this might be my first official running blog post.

I ran today– TA DAH!!!

and i took the pooches with me. (and they loved it, thank you very much!)

for the last two weeks, i have been on the illustrious Truck$ & Buck$ Truck Tour (which has completely and totally wiped me out… seriously, i slept all weekend!)… being on the road has been a blast – i have a had a chance to see more of the nooks and crannies of this awesome state (seriously) and am having lots of fun along the way. And, as you know, for me, food=love, so i have had plenty of yucky, sticky, gooey, yummy road food… and lots of sitting in the Blackshirt Tundra whilst driving isn’t so good for the booty. one might think that singing at the top of my lungs to Crazy Ex-Girlfriend by Miranda Lambert would create a slight caloric burn, but, alas, that appears (by my recent reflection) to not so much be the case…. whew.

so, after a slightly stressful day of trying to cram in a weeks worth of email reading into a few scant hours, i came home to my bored puppies and grabbed their leashes and dusted off my running shoes (trainers, for my British chums!) and out we strutted in the light rain…. well, it got a bit heavier when we hit the half-way point, but Miss Lucy was happy to keep trotting along… apparently, the lack of beating sun and radiating pavement was a good jogging combo for her… and even THOR broke into a bit of a trot (instead of his typical speed walk)…

brace yourselves – we got back to our house, and all concurred to keep on trucking — so we added another 1/2 mile through UPCO park and made our way back…

people – this is HUGE. we never ADD steps! how exciting… maybe, just maybe, this girl’s got her stride back!!!!!!


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