Ahh, The Becker’s…

We’re fun people, sometimes funny, at times, funny looking. We have funny dogs, and yes, dogs can be funny. We like to take our fun times on the road and, in 2009 will be making stops in Cabo, Fort Worth, Hastings, Omaha, Estes Park and maybe even your neck o’ the woods!

Most of the hilarity is simply the constant thoughts and musings bouncing around in Katie’s brain, many times taken from actual life and recreated here, for your enjoyment. We are a living, walking example that truth is way better than fiction!

Fun Times With The Becker’s is brought to you by Jimmy John’s, CocaCola products, HBO On-Demand and Iams dog food.

Engagement - August 5, 2006
Our Engagement: August 5, 2006

Wii Are Fierce!
Fall 2008: wii are fierce

when Lucy was a puppy and didn't beat up on Thor so much
Winter 2007: when Lucy was a puppy and didn’t beat up on THOR so much

Alan, Thor & Lucy at her best -- Cabin in Estes Park, Co
Summer 2008: Alan, THOR & Lucy (at her best) — Cabin in Estes Park, CO

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