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41 Weeks — June 25, 2010

41 Weeks

one week ago was my due date. as you may recall… at that point, still no baby.

but here i sit, with the sweetest little boy sitting by me, ready for another feeding, but trying his hardest to be patient. (it’s a work in progress, for Mom and Boden).

funny how a matter of days can change a life.

we are so blessed.

Cramps My Style — May 13, 2010

Cramps My Style

5:42 am, today… hugest leg cramp in my left calf.

i know, i know, you’re supposed to try and flex your foot back toward your face– not possible when all your foot can do is point… and that’s when it hurts the most.

a pathetically failed attempt at (fully uneducated) Lamaze-style breathing resulted in a big, huge F-Bomb (of which i try to never utter)…

meanwhile, AJ appears to be calmly sleeping — HELLO! i half-way assumed he might think this was “IT” and start prepping the car and Ready Bag (which, by the way, is still not packed!)… but he then rolled over and sweetly, sleepily asked if I wanted him to massage it…

no, thank you, i want you to FIX IT!

so… for the past few weeks, This Girl has been saying that she wants to try and go “as natural as possible, but have the epidural on stand-by if i so choose.”

Dude! If I can’t even handle a tiny leg cramp, how am i ever going to handle labor pains?

Doc, prep that needle now!

Honey, you can take it from here — April 21, 2010

Honey, you can take it from here

let’s see. i’m about 8.5 weeks out until Baby Day… give or take, of course.

especially since last night i learned that most first pregnancies take 41 weeks.

SAY WHAT? I have been counting toward 40 weeks this whole time. now you want to add 168 more hours to that? um. How About No, Scott. (quoted)

anywho…. we learned this, and other alarming interesting pregnancy factoids at our second of three Prenatal classes.

the first class spent most of the time talking about what to do and not do in oh, say, the first trimester… i seriously considered not coming back.

but last night’s class was more topical – with videos, to boot – on labor (ow!) and delivery (excuse me?) and the like.

okay, at 31.5 weeks, i am growing accustomed to the fact that this little being is growing inside of me… the movements are pretty cool…. but the whole idea of it actually coming out?… admittedly, i am not so prepared for that part.

in fact. after last night’s insightful video presentation… i think i’ll just let AJ handle that part.

Honey, you can take it from here.
Your Wife.