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if, then statements — November 28, 2011
Rats! — October 28, 2010


if you’ve ever read this blog, or even know me in the slightest, you already know my #1 fear (simply search “mouse” and you’ll soon be caught up to speed.)

you may even recall that the first ever post on this here bloggy-blog was about a not so fantastical run-in with the teeniest of tiniest meeces within my humble abode.

oh, almost two years to the date of that post, and i am still NAF (Not A Fan)… what can i say? This Girl doesn’t change.

And further, to give a sliver’s worth of insight into my mind, know that i am always on constant peripheral look-out for any sort of rodentia that may cross my path. it doesn’t matter how likely or how drastically unlikely the inherent possibility of seeing one… I. Am. Always. Alert.

so, let’s fast forward then, friends, to last Friday. I had picked up Baby B from my parent’s house (where Grandma is oh-so-kind to be the best babysitter ever!) and Grandpa was enjoying the duty of snapping Baby B’s infant car seat into its base. I am following closely so that i am place the diaper bag and goodies into the car, next to the babers, and then be on our way.

as i do so, out of the corner of my eye, i spy something gray on the floor mat… but, my first instinct is to allow those voices in my head to tell me, “You are crazy. That’s nothing. it’s probably a wrapper of some sort.” this placates me, and i circle around to the driver’s side and slide on in.

Homeward Bound in our little red Go Kart.

Then i circle back around and open the backseat door on the passenger side… yep. there it is.

dead mouse – on the floor. inches from my (sleeping) First Born.

i some how manage to stifle the impending scream, and as-calmly-as-possible walk to the drivers side to retrieve Baby B that way.

second mouse (I swear it!)…

mustering all the courage i could, i tried to extract said Babers in the quickest of manners, grabbed the diaper bag, blanket, fresh milk and pretty much left everything else in there until AJ was to arrive within the next hour. (and, have no fear, Baby B continued to snooze amidst the havoc.)

O. M. G.

by the time AJ came home and found a pair of pliers (Pliers?!) to fetch The Body, he said he could only find one mouse there…


where i swear there were two…

from here, we spend various parts of the rest of the evening thinking of ways that the mouse (MICE) could have entered the Go Kart. of course, all my suggestions pointed the guilty finger at AJ, and all his, conveniently, seemed to suggest that it was I who allowed this to occur. bygones.

the bottom line, for me, is that i know i saw two. and if there are two, there be more!!!

i begged AJ to spend part of his Saturday at work searching for the “more”… though, he (rightfully) was not too excited about this, and it surely didn’t occur.

however, come Monday, Poor AJ had to drive to work with the windows down (i envision it going a little something like this), as a new stench seemed to permeate the interior of the Go Kart after incubating for the remainder of the weekend.

He found a young co-worker willing to do some CSI-style investigation for the small fee of $20, and lo and behold… i was correct.

let’s say that again… I was correct!

in total… five. four no-longer-alive mice were found dreaming the eternal dream under the back seat, in a nest burrowed into the vehicular insulation. plus you count the one found last Friday and you get the grand total of five.



needless to say- i haven’t come within 20-yards of that car in seven days.

oh, how the fun times roll on!

17-25 and I HATE RODENTS — January 30, 2009

17-25 and I HATE RODENTS

well i have been tagged enough times on facebook with the “25 Random Things”… and since i did the Sixteen Random Things post awhile back, i thought it was only fair that i round out the list for all who care to see…

OH – and before i do… i’ll have you know that i am on the verge of a full-fledged panic attack because, apparently, there is a wayward BAT floating through the rafters here at work… NO ME GUSTA NADA! in case you are new to these surroundings, here’s the back story as well a the rodential follow-up… uggh– I. HATE. RODENTS. flying, scurrying, anything… yucko!

might be a great day to Work From Home! (or maybe from the local bar… hey, they have wi-fi!)

So – to finish up… here’s my 17-25 Random Facts:
17 – I HATE RODENTS!!! (see above)… i will scream – bloody murder… i can’t control it… i really can’t. i wish i could… but i wish even more that they just didn’t exist.

18 – i have a secret dream of one day writing a novel… it’s all formulating in my head as i type!

19 – if i could relive my wedding day over and over, i would… it was perfect. all the pieces fell properly into place, and it was the best wedding and reception i have ever attended… and i really don’t think i am being biased… but honestly – every wedding since, hasn’t measured up… 😉

20 – the night i met my to-be husband, he called his mom and said, “Mom, i just met the girl i am going to marry…” i didn’t believe him… but he was so right!

21 – when i was little, my imaginary friends consisted of the cast of Annie. I would walk around saying, “Come On, Pepper. Catch Up, Molly…” and i then i also named my stuffed animals after the cast. I once took Annie (small brown teddy bear) with me to King Soopers and left it in the cart, and I made my mom go back and look for it, but we couldn’t find it.

22 – My family rocks! we have our own language and jokes, and i love it!

23 – As of May 31, 2009 (two days after my 29th birthday) I will be President of the Advertising Federation of Lincoln and the Kappa Kappa Alumnae Chapter of Alpha Chi Omega… i’m not gonna lie, that kind of freaks me out!

24 – i attended Lallapalooza ’96 in Des Moines, IA… it was awesome

25 – i am way too high strung for my own good. the more i try to be laid back, the worse it is. My 2009 New Year’s Resolution is to one day wake up and be laid back. the 2nd week of the year i got a bad cold that knocked me out and forced me into a state of complacency– it was the best week of my life. the little things no longer bothered me, i didn’t care if the house was a mess, or if i was missing out on fun times… i didn’t get annoyed at work or at home…. but it sucked being sick… and then the week afterward, when i was better– i was more insane than ever… (see number 5)… i need to find a balance and move forward… (i am also a HUGE control freak… there’s nothing i can do about it, and that makes me even more controlling… uggh)

~More than you ever wanted to know… huh?

(and P.S. the song currently on my “internal soundtrack”: “White Horse” by Taylor Swift)

Thus and therefore, I have to say – of all the “25 things” posts on Facebook – my brother wins the prize for creativity! here’s his post, enjoy!:
1. I definitely feel this is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do. But two can be as bad as one.

2. I have two amazing kids, Sophie and Chase, who are quick to hug, and always come running, arms up, screaming DADDY when I get home at night.

3. I have three fears in life. Hard faced puppets, hard face puppets, and puppets … with hard faces. In a related story, I have not eaten at Burger King in years.

4. I grew up in a family of four, love my parents and sister to death, and am proud of not only who they are, but the person I have become, because of them.

5. My first concert was The Jackson Five, early 80’s. Yes, I am THAT cool.

6. I recently celebrated my 6th Wedding Anniversary to my wife Nichol. Crazy all we’ve done in the 9 years we’ve been together, and looking forward to 90 more (yes, I plan on living into my 120’s)

7. I am a huge Denver Bronco fan. Grew up in Denver, so have been to the REAL Mile High too many times to count, but have never been to Invesco (and part of that is because I know it won’t be the same)

8. I miss my 82 Audi Coupe, and a stick shift in general.

9. I sleep above a 90 pound Newfoundland (which, if you can believe is small, most are about 130) every night. She was our ‘first kid’ and spends 97% of her day imitating a bear-skin rug. The other 3%, the kids try to ride her, or harness her up to the laundry basket so she can pull em around the house.

10. There will be 10 of my family members going to Cabo this March to relax, party, and celebrate my parents 35th Anniversary. It is also where Nic and I honeymooned.

11. I give blood once a month and have come to the conclusion needles aren’t the worst thing in the world.

12. I am a big fan of good beer, and some of my favorites include Red Hook Blonde, 90 Shilling, 312 and any ‘Summer” special … but I am always a sucker for a cold Miller Lite.

13. Age at which I lost my … wallet … hah, you thought I was gonna say something else. Geez, get yer minds out the gutter.

14. Weeks during the College Football season, when I occasionally work with ESPN doing production. I have been on the field, in the trucks and booths for many great games across the country. Met many big time players and coaches, and although I love Husker football, appreciate all of the other great traditions throughout the country.

15. I don’t like Corn.

16. I hate to ski, likely because when I was 16, I broke my collar bone flying down a double-black diamond in Aspen. I had just dropped from a helicopter, doing some back-country stuff and I … okay, that’s not entirely true. It happened on the bunny-slope on a small makeshift hill in Iowa.

17. Fifty-Seven, One-Seven, close enough … I used to hate ketchup, it is now growing on me. (Not literally though)

18. I often have the sense of humor of an 8-year-old. And remarkably, so does Sophie (hee hee)

19. I can’t blow a bubble or blink my left eye. Don’t try and teach me. Everyone thinks they can teach me. Believe me, I’ve tried at least 19 times. I can’t do it.

20. I have recently started wearing 2 different colored socks when I work out or play basketball. Sophie’s ‘cooler’ older cousin Morgan does it, so now she does it, and she wanted me to do it one night. I did, and had a great game, so why not keep doing it!

21. I left college mid-Jr year to live and work in Estes Park, which led me to Denver, which let me to Dallas, which led me to Nichol, which led me back to Lincoln, where I finished my degree and have been since.

22. I have a tattoo. Always kind of wanted one, but it had to have meaning. This one has meaning.

23. I found out the other day at 23 after the hour that I can’t lift weights and chew gum at the same time

24. I am surprisingly handy, and used many a 2×4 to finish our basement last year.

25. Simplemente mirando Dora y Diego, sé que 25 en español es veinticinco

Happy Holidaze From The Becker’s — December 1, 2008

Happy Holidaze From The Becker’s

December is here – and i am excited because:

– i was finally allowed to pull out our tiny stash of holiday decorations. (i was waiting on The Boy to help, and rightfully so– not two minutes in to his trek into the basement did i hear, “Don’t Come Down Here!”… no, he was not stashing a surprise holiday gifty for moi… he was disposing of another rodential intruder! I SWEAR, PEOPLE!!! THE MADNESS HAS TO STOP!)

– I can fully and openly listen to my holiday tuneage… of which i have been secretly consuming since two weeks after halloween…

– and i have already made one full batch of Grandma’s famous Toffee… of which, i do not like, and thus is the perfect candy to make, batch after batch. (last year i made 56 batches between turkey day and new years… that’s a lot of sugar and butter, people!)

I am pretty proud of myself – on Wednesday, i mailed all the holiday cards and most, if not all, should be delivered by today, at the latest. For your holiday viewing pleasure, here’s what we sent (with the handy-dandy “what is this picture” feature):

Photobucket Photobucket

We wish you and yours a joyous holiday season!

Not At All Fun Times With The Becker’s — November 10, 2008

Not At All Fun Times With The Becker’s

ok- so here’s a story from “Not At All Fun Times With The Becker’s”… yesterday… early – 1:30am – lucy is barking — but its not really a “i have to potty” bark… more of an “i’m gonna get you” bark… but AJ gets up and let’s her out. Then at 3, same thing, so i get up to let her out – weird thing is that THOR is down there with her – he’s usually up near us. i don’t think much of it, because its 3am… i let her out, she potties. put her back in the kitchen and head back to bed.

8ish i finally wake up for good, walk down the wooden stairs in my slippers and hit the third-to-the-last step wrong and bump all the way down on my left side… roll around on the floor for a bit, seeing stars and hoping AJ will hear the comotion – he doesn’t… run to the bathroom b/c i think i am going to puke– but don’t… then get the dogs and snuggle in my own misery and watch Harry Potter and knit (trying to make the day better)… AJ finally comes downstairs and says he didn’t hear a thing – i must be a quiet faller… ?

so then, my big plan for the day was to clean– but now my left butt hurts and my elbow was quickly bruising, and heck, if AJ got to go hunting all day, i could sit around in my pajamas, forego the lysol and lay around with my pooches… “27 Dresses” was up next, and darnit, i was gonna watch the whole thing. yea me!

but, i must admit, this day still had a funny feel to it….

around 1pm, i decide to get my butt up, and do some crafty stuff. i was heading to mom and dad’s at 2 and wanted to make them a thanksgiving wreath, and work on mine– yea for glue guns… my personal “Gun” of choice! i started gluing a few things and quickly realized i was going to need backup – so i went to grab the trash can from under the sink to set next to me… as i do… what’s sitting on top snacking on the leftovers from my lunch? the tiniest, scariest, gray mouse…. YUCKO!!!!!!!!!! i was inches from it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i looked at him, he looked at me… insert blood-curdling scream and envision tiny mouse and its extra long tail dart one way, whilst i darted the other… grab phone and panic while calling the hunting husband… silly me – you don’t take cell phones hunting – unless your ringer happens to be a Phesant Warble… then, i call my mom, because, naturally, she’s going to be able to help from four miles away. and she really did. she calmed me down and sent dad to help.

Thus, and therefore, i spent the next 17 minutes sitting in the 40-degree weather waiting for my daddy, while the tiny terror did goodness-know’s-what in my kitchen!  Dad was kind enough to set four traps, and I packed my things and got the hell out of there. I went to my mommy’s, and i didn’t go home until the Hunter returned to hunt rodent corpses. Not until i received the full coroner’s report did i return to Cleveland Avenue.

and, i do believe, i am yet to take a full breath. And, now we know what Lucy was hunting for in the middle of the night….

Lord Help Me!