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truth:link :: productivity vs procrastination — July 15, 2016
humble pie — October 7, 2015

humble pie

I make toffee for a living.

…okay, maybe not quite for a living – more like for “fun” and I earn a little bit of “fun money” by doing it.

Yes, I would love to one day wake up and realize that it is actually my sole income which allows me vast amounts of time to actually SPEND with my boys, instead of spending my full-time salary for them to be cared for by others while I work full-time (see the circular reference of guilt there?)…. (and side note: I really do like my corporate job!)

… I digress.

I have made a lot of toffee in my years…it was my grandma b’s famed recipe, and when she stopped making it (about 15 years ago), I took it up and worked on perfecting my technique. Fast forward about 12ish years when I realized that people might pay money for this stuff. Two Holiday Seasons later, and I am now gearing up for the 3rd! I really love making it, and seeing the absolute JOY it brings to those that taste it!!

I lost count in how many batches of toffee I made last year around the holidays, but the number is somewhere in the mid-hundreds, for sure.

And the one true thing I have learned, is that toffee has a way of keeping you honest and humble.

Just as I think I’ve got this down, and I can multi-task while a batch is bubbling away on my stove… nope, I burn it.

Wanna know a secret? I’ve had two of those batches this week!!!

I guess it’s The Toffee’s way of reminding me to slow down. I have prided myself in the fact that this little business relies on a small-batch process, and I need to continue to be true to that. I need to remember why I am doing this: for the fun of it, for grandma’s memory, for the dream….

And you would think that two not-quite-right batches within a 48-hour period would be enough… but apparently not.

Tonight, I took some time to finally transform those black bananas into banana bread, and then, while that baked, the plan was to try a new recipe with those peaches taking up space in my fridge.

Now, with all the toffee making this week, most of my measuring cups were tied up in a wash cycle. so I trudged ahead with my trusty 1/4 cup measure. This worked well, until I had to count out three-and-one-half-cups of flour, as per recipe, and I mistakenly thought i was measuring with a 1/2 cup…. to which, I didn’t realize until the banana bread was half-way cooked…. thus, I resign myself to the fact that we have entered the “Science Experiment” zone. Let’s just see how this turns out.

THEN, i soldier on and attempt the peach thing. some interesting steps, and I was trying to track the recipe on my phone… I sliced the peaches. I made the batter, I blended the sugar topping and I even added the boiling water before sliding it into the oven (on the rack above the bubbling-over-banana-soup-bread). Next step, tidy the kitchen…. oops, there on the counter is the melted butter that was supposed to be mixed into the cobbler batter….


soooooo… what’s that make me: 0-for-4 this week? shall I quit while the universe is ahead?

A Becker Experiment — September 21, 2015
Soundtrack to Life — June 30, 2015

Soundtrack to Life

I seem to always have a song in my head.


yesterday, I woke up with Polka songs bouncing around. (“In Heaven There Is No Beer”)… (why?)

Today, it’s this.

(“I slept in last night’s clothes and tomorrow’s dreams”.)

makes for an interesting day!

What’s bouncing around your brain right now?

Wait, What? — June 3, 2015

Wait, What?

Hey Howdy Hey, Blogosphere!

it’s been awhile… it’s not you, it’s me….

I promise all sorts of fun here (i mean, look at the title, for starters) and then The Beckers continue to have all the fun and don’t post a single thing here.

that’s just not fair, dear reader.

and for that, I am sorry.

I’ll try to do better.

for now. please enjoy the new look. let me know what you think! 🙂

Boden-ism — February 9, 2015


Boden walked up to me yesterday morning and said, “Mommy, Daddy farted me…”
As I summoned up all the seriousness I could muster, I asked, “sweetie, what does ‘farted’ mean?”
He explained, “it means when you are not nice and don’t listen.”

Duly noted, Sweet Boden.

Sadly, I think there are quite a few humans that may have farted more than their fair share already today.

Your PSA for the day: think before you fart.

Fuuuhdgggge — February 6, 2015
Who’s on What? — December 17, 2014
Happy Birthday Lucy! — September 27, 2014

Happy Birthday Lucy!

today’s a big day in the Becker House– our sweet pup, Lucy Jane, is 7-years-old!

so, we made her homemade dog biscuits! Thought I might share the recipe here!

Happy 7th Birthday, Lucy! Enjoy your biscuits. Don't forget to share with your friends!
Happy 7th Birthday, Lucy! Enjoy your biscuits. Don’t forget to share with your friends!

Dog Biscuits:

2 1/2 Cups Whole Wheat Flour
1/2 Cup Powdered Milk
1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. garlic powder
1 tsp. brown sugar
6 tbsp. margarine
1 egg, beaten
1/2 Cup ice water

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Combine flour, dry milk, salt, garlic powder and sugar.
Cut in margarine until mixture resembles corn meal,
Mix in beaten egg.
Add water.
Work dough into a ball.
Roll out dough to 1/2-inch thickness.
Cut with cookie cutters.
Bake for 25-30 minutes.
Remove & Cool.

*Mods: i used white flour, because that’s what I had. I tripled the batch, because I had three eggs I needed to use up. I like to bake this, and then shut off the oven and leave it in for a few hours, or over night to really dry out the biscuits. If you don’t do that step, they end up being softer, but don’t keep as long….

we used various cookie cutters– dog-shaped, cat shaped, bone shaped and dinosaur shaped!


if you end up making this, let me know what you (and your pooch) think! 😉

#runningtruths — August 31, 2014


just logged six miles – #BOOM! and here are the things I was thinking about today:

  • 6 miles is far. 
  • apparently the neighborhood frogs have been playing frogger… and not very successfully, i might add
  • i wonder how big that blister on my foot is going to end up being

and this final one is more like a #runningdeepthoughts:
what would this world be like if humans always communicated what they were thinking and feeling? Not just in the vein of being rude/brutally honest, but also to better define emotions?….

i know… deep…. talk amongst yourselves.