Cancun vs Costco

AJ and I were able to take an awesome trip to Cancun with some great friends. The first time that BOTH of us have been away from the kids for longer than one night, together. (BIG, HUGE shout outs to The grandparents for taking on the nurturing, caring and spoiling our three babes and one […]

on finances

B1 gets off the bus today. First words: “Mom, I really NEED a Nintendo 2ds.” (this has been an on-going discussion… trying to hold him off until xmas…) Me: “Okay, let’s talk about it. Maybe you can earn some money by doing some extra chores?” B1: “well… I think we should use my college money. […]

Things my kids say

(Existential Edition) From the 3-year-old this morning: “Mom, where’s Alexa?” “She’s right there.” (Pointing to space where the Amazon Echo Tower resides) “Yeah, but where is Alexa?” ….ummmm….