Feedback Please: Lucy

Question: is it a bad idea to run my 17-month-old puppy (golden retriever/labrador retriever mix) two-miles, about four times per week?

i don’t want to cause hip dysplasia or anything else serious….

any comments would be appreciated!


9 thoughts on “Feedback Please: Lucy

  1. I would start slow to see how far he wants to go. If he starts to slow down and even stop, then he is going too far for a young dog. Start with a half mile all together and if he can handle that with no problem, have him do that for two weeks. Then take him 3/4 of a mile for the next two weeks. Slowly work him into a routine. You don’t want to break him by jumping into two miles. Think about someone who is starting to run adn condition their body – you don’t want to over-do it at first, you need to work your way up.
    Another thing about protecting the hips – make sure that he has a nice, cushy bed to sleep on. Many dogs are stuck on a hard floor which puts pressure on the hips and the spine. It is very important to have a good bed for the dog. I suggest LLbean brand dog beds. They are expensive but they will last a long time and potentally save on vet bills in the future. Also, try to feed your dog a healthy diet. Stay away from grocerie store brand food. Good brands can be bought at little mom and pop specialty stores. It costs a little more moeny for the good food, but in the end, it will save your dog from disease and will help him to live a long and heathly life. Some brands I can suggest are “Innova”, “Royal Canin” and “Merric” – My dog loves the Merric, there are many differnt canned food flavors to choose from that never dissapoint! I give my dog wet food twice a day and a measured amount of dry kibble in the morning that lasts throughout the day. It is important to feed both wet and dry because 100% dry diet causes liver problems and 100% wet causes tooth decay. It is important to feed the dog both and provide plenty of fresh water! Give him fresh fruits and veggies as a snack – they love carrots, apples and fresh meat of corse! Good luck with your puppy – it will be the best investment you ever make 🙂

  2. Hey thanks!

    and RE: good bed- she’s got the best bed in the house… mine! (i am working on curbing that too… )

  3. I am no expert, but I think that would be great for him! Working those muscles. The only thing I would be worried about is since he’s a black dog, watch out for the heat. I took Rosie (who is a very fat and lazy black German Shepard) out for a 2-mile walk last year on a 90+ degree day and just about killed her. (Listening to my ipod, so I didn’t hear the labored panting) I think the hip dysplasia thing is something that happens as they age and some of that can be prevented with glucosamine (sp?) tablets. They have those at walmart for 14 bucks.

  4. I’m not sure of the exact age, but dogs do need to be a certain age to run….i’m thinking somwhere between one and 2. You might just goggle it.

  5. Definitely add the glucosamine/chondrotin (sp?) to her diet. It will help with anything joint related. My parents had a Rottie that had hip dysplasia and the vet’s advice was always the same – good healthy weight. So the exercise will probably only help Lucy. But try varying it a little to keep her from getting bored maybe.

  6. Our vet recommends not running with dogs until they are 2 yrs old because they are still growing until 2.

  7. thanks, but bummer… i find that i don’t get as bored, and she kind of pulls me along to keep me going… shucks… but thanks! 🙂
    How are Luke & YOUR Lucy?

  8. it looks like you got some good advice, which is good, cuz, i didn’t have any. BUT, surely two miles can’t be as bad as the girl my sister ran into the other day who had just taken her weim on an 18 MILE RUN! craziness!!!

    but reading this makes me realize i need to take MY lucy out today. she is getting lazy.

    oh and hi! in the blog world! 🙂

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