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Lost Episode: Sibling Rivalry — August 18, 2009

Lost Episode: Sibling Rivalry

in this Lost Episode of Fun Times With The Becker’s, young love meets current love…

okay, we’ll i’m not so sure if the previous was really love… but it’s still funny all the same.

A few months ago, AJ and i were leaving Qdoba at the mall (yummo!), and as we drove away, this song happened to be playing on the radio.

I said, “oh, this song reminds me of my sixth-grade boyfriend, ‘ZG’ (names concealed to protect the innocent). In fact, he brought me to this mall on Valentine’s Day and bought me this CD.” (sigh).

to that, AJ asked, “ZG? did he have a sister named JG?”…

“um, yeah, i think so…” and then it clicked… after sixth grade ended and we all went on our merry ways, i remembered hearing that Z and the whole G family moved to Hastings… where, low and behold, big sister, J just happens to fall for the cutest boy in school – AJ!

Apparently, they dated too…

so, what’s that say, when a future espoused couple dates siblings in a former life?

creepy, or cute?

Tags and Flags — January 20, 2009

Tags and Flags

this blogging thing is fun! i found my friends, Kim & Bryce, are blogging too… AND, Kim tagged me in some sort of blogging game… um… okay, i’ll participate.

you are supposed to open your photos folder, open the 4th folder and then post the 4th picture… since i have all my photos organized, i guess this is something i can accomplish.

well, here’s the photo
This is me and my friend, Neil from the Lottery, at the Horse Races, May 30, 2008 (the day after my birthday – yea me!) we were very pumped that we won. Me, about $.40. Neil, about $20!

so, if anyone else out there wants to do this, consider yourself tagged.

In Inauguration news, I am excited. I was finally able to log onto, and was shocked to learn that more people will attend the event than the number of people that live in Nebraska! craziness!

NERD ALERT ** I am wearing Red, White & Blue today!!!

Happy America Day!