29 times the fun!

well, the birthday weekend went off without a hitch. i will admit, yes, i do feel older. odd… but it was a great time! filled with Raspberry Margaritas, Karaoke, Roller Derby (!), Japanese BBQ and of course, more fun times with family and friends! here is a photo representation: Birthday Week Kick-off – Memorial Day […]

mega post + photos + dinner last night

whew… nearing the end of tuesday… FAT Tuesday! fun times, indeed! i am uploading quite a few photos to PhotoBucket– so here we go: Lucy had a very fun time celebrating Valentine’s Day with her Jaunty Pink Scarf. She also spent last Saturday (THOR, too) at Holmes Lake for the Polar Bear Plunge for Special […]

Hey How Are Ya? Happy New Year!

Ah, 2009. No flying cars to speak of, no aliens that i know of, no threat of impending doom… but then again, i don’t watch the news, so what do i know? But December did find a way to wrap itself up neatly and tightly. The holidays were, in a word, hitchless… if that is […]