whew– some days, time goes by slowly… others, i feel like we are minutes from bringing home The Bumpit!

this post is mostly for me… but since I am probably the only one that reads it anyway, I might as well jot down a few notes.

Things I Would Like to Accomplish Before Baby Becker Arrives:

  • sewing…. for the most part
  • tame my knitting stash – have already started this by donating all the major Acrylic to my Church & Sister’s Day Care!
  • one word: photo albums – i haven’t finished the engagement scrapbook, let alone anything in the last three years!
  • Garage Sale (Scheduled for April 17!)
  • continue to de-clutter (see above)
  • continue to be good natured and accept constructive criticism about my Hoarding Tendencies
  • go through stacks of Magazines and Taste of Home issues that are seriously piling up
  • register for Bumpit
  • figure out Bumpit bedding and room decor
  • maybe even work up the nerve to start my first ever sweater – will need copious amounts of encouragement here.
  • okay, now i need a nap.