At Least That’s Ready…

since we’re crazy enough to not know what we are having… that means i also can’t knit just one cute little hat to take to the hospital.

nope, i knit up four.
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i am not yet adept to the typical size of a Newborn’s Noggin… so i ended up making two sizes in each color.

so, we’re set, as far as that goes.

more nesting continues on this lovely Memorial Holiday. I hope you all are enjoying yours as well.


2 thoughts on “At Least That’s Ready…

  1. How cute! I love them. I really wish I had any crafty ability or talent to make something for our baby. If you’re wondering what to do with the other three hats, you might just go down the hall in the maternity wing and pass them out to other new moms. I know I would be so excited to have something like that. Much cuter than those pink and blue striped hats the hospital passes out to everyone!

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