There are no coincidences in knitting

i have come to realize that in Knitting, there are no such things as coincidences.

Shortly after my college graduation, my Grandma gifted me a ornate plastic trashcan with bunches of yarn, one crochet hook, a pair of knitting needles and one torn-out magazine page from a Better Homes & Gardens magazine (c. 1965) with basic instructions on how to knit.

and there, my knitting love was born. (i said, “Love” not necessarily “Fabulous Skill”)

fast forward to the summer of 2006… and i randomly google “Lincoln Knitting Group” (or was it, “Stitch & Bitch, Lincoln”…. yeah, that’s probably more accurate!) and miraculously, up pops an invite on for a group just starting and the organizer looks to be about my age and quite fun. I make plans to attend.

at the event – which was quite well attended – i am chatting with the organizer, Lizzy, and she mentions that her husband is from Hastings… well, we all know that life abides by the Six Degrees of AJ Becker rule… so i ask if the boys might know each other… Oh, yes, both she and her husband know AJ… small, small world.

so that was fun… but shortly thereafter, the meet-ups came to a halt because Lizzy had an awesome opportunity that would keep her from hosting future events… and no one else seemed to be able to keep it up.

about a year later, i run into Christy at an Autism Awareness Fundraiser , and she’s selling cute knitting gifts, and tells me about the Lincoln Knitters… which, after further research, appears to be a group of the ladies that were coming to the meetup, just a bit more organized (with talents, frankly well over my head at that point.)

so i continued to knit on my own… missing my meetup.

Then, just a few months ago, through random chance, i find Lizzy’s blog… and work up the nerve to reconnect with her…. from there it took us probably six tries to finally get together and meet up and do some fun knitting… plus she has recently taught herself to crochet, which has been on my “To Learn” list for awhile lately, and she offered to show me her new skills.

FINALLY, this past Wednesday, we were able to meet up… at a local Barnes & Noble, no less! We snag some comfy chairs and start yarning away.

About an hour into our fun, a nice lady walks up and invites us to join she and four of her friends that are knitting over there.

we look over, and sure enough, there they are… needles and all… so we pack-up and join in.

after chatting for a bit… these ladies are from the Lincoln Knitters group! AND, two of them had been to Lizzy’s house for the original meet-ups in 2006…

which just confirms my theory – there are no coincidences in knitting!

here are some pics i shot with my camera phone as proof (hence the bad quality)
Sprint PictureMail
Lizzy & KT, reunited buds

Sprint PictureMail
the fabulous knitting ladies at B&N!

oh- and you HAVE to see the cuteness that Lizzy has just crocheted for her upcoming Fishing trip! 😉


2 thoughts on “There are no coincidences in knitting

  1. Shut.up. I freaking LOVE to crochet! I thought I was the only weird 20-something in Lincoln who loves it! 🙂 Which, granted, isn’t exactly knitting, but close-ish, right? My mom and aunt both crochet, and I’ve picked it back up over the last few years. I have friends in other towns that talk about the stitch-n-bitch, but I never thought to look for one here. Fun!

  2. I’m so glad you found the Wed night group! This year I don’t get to go b/c my husband has scouts on Wednesdays (he’s the scoutmaster) but it changes to Thursday next school year and I’ll be able to join everyone again!

    Love the pics. Tana’s hair is getting so long!

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