cold. day 8. its up into my eyes now. is this what a migraine feels like? i didn’t know it could move farther than my nose.

but i carry a big box of kleenex with me everywhere i go (and i already left one box at the Lottery offices as I was leaving a meeting… i am so forgetful lately!). thank goodness for the lotion kind.

Instead of rushing to the loo every time i blow my nose, i prefer to use BBW Anti-Bacterial moisturizing hand lotion, while i sit at my desk… i feel like i am placing a false sense of security on this product. can it really be killing all the vicious germies? i am appreciative of the moisturizing benefits, since i have been scouring my hands enough lately, and the red crackiness is pretty unattractive and painful… but is it really going to save me from further germ annihilation? and if its really so great, why not just swallow the stuff? oh well… this is what i have to work with, so i’ll take what i can get.

last night i had a lot of down time with the pooches– and since it was negative-4-degrees, they didn’t get to be outside as much as they wanted. i tried to use the time wisely and work another panel of the Lyre hat that i think looks oh-so-cute in the picture. man, oh, man… i couldn’t wrap my brain around it, and i had to do the one thing i hate, twice… i ripped it out and started over. uggh. so i finally gave up and just watched more of my fave DVR.

i vow to be 100% by the next post…