last night was a fun and lazy wednesday. it was nice to not have to be going somewhere all the time. AJ was pooped, and we even agreed to skip the take-out and eat leftovers… what is wrong with us?!?!

but i had some fun with the wii Fit! that stuff cracks me up. i had to redeem myself on the hula hoops, since Tuesday, i tried to do the 6-minute mega hula and couldn’t finish the left side… my left second toe was popping out of the socket – TMI, i know, and i am sorry– but its becoming chronic, and if i can’t even hula hoop, what is a girl to do?

Anyway—as i logged in – i got the following message…
Sprint PictureMail
i thought that was quite cute!

then, we caught up on some more DVR from Cabo… i tell you, that 30 Rock is a kill!

Thus, and therefore, i was able to finish The Delores Park Cowl i had started the night before. (and actually, the one i mentioned oh-so-long-ago…)… don’t cringe when i say i used Vanna White yarn… eek! i thought it would knit up softer, and a little tighter… ha! i guess this fits in with my whole aversion to checking gauge!

well, my sweet Lucy was kind enough to model it for me:

i love my baby girl!

the original idea, when starting this blog was to showcase my knitting a bit more… as you can tell, that hasn’t happened… but i do follow quite a few fun knitting blogs, where i have gathered many fun new ideas for projects, and other things! these are the knitty-centric blogs i follow:

and here are some that i am just latching onto:

and of course, there’s Ravelry. I am on there. I haven’t gotten into posting projects or anything… that’s just a whole other step, and a girl’s gotta work at some point in the day- right? 😉 but if you are on Ravelry, find me, let’s be friends! It is also a long-term goal to connect with more Lincoln Knitters… i know you’re out there!!!