what have i been doing lately? well, aside from the Jay Oh Bee, and Prez-ing it up for AFL and AXO, and plenty of Domesti-Pups Training with THOR, i have be putting the old Singer to work!


yes, that would be three baby taggers – because everyone seems to be having babers lately,
a knitted cupcake (ravelry link) and a pair of knitted “toast” for a good friend that has been way too kind!
and evidence of another cast-on item (toasty, same link) in the Brown Sheep Company yarn spun in Morrill, NE! (ahem, those are for me!)

tonight is Date Night (Chinese food and a Movie on Demand) so i am hoping to start the second yellow Toasty and figure out how to add the thumbs (this is major knitting progress, people!)… and then cast on the same in purple for a dear Froggie Friend!!!!

Happy Crafties to you all!!!