‘Tis The Night

‘Tis about the right time to start reading ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas… a long-standing family tradition in my family. my Dad is oh-so-excited to be the one to read it to the grandkids this year, as my Mom’s Dad is in Dallas with my cousins. We have been preparing Baby B for this famed […]

I don’t know EVERY word in Spanish…*

we’re back — and slightly sad that our tans have already started to fade… que sera! boy-oh-boy – what a FUN time in CABO SAN LUCAS!!!! i took over 320 photos and quite a few videos… i will most likely share a good chunk of them over the next few days/weeks…. here is the first […]

catch-all photo post

As The Mamas & Papas said, “Monday, Monday…” I downloaded/uploaded some photos and have some other things so say, so prepare yourself! let’s see… i did finish those holiday wreaths i mentioned in posts past… The MIL asked if i would make some Valentine’s and Easter ones that she could sell at her salon in […]

Hey How Are Ya? Happy New Year!

Ah, 2009. No flying cars to speak of, no aliens that i know of, no threat of impending doom… but then again, i don’t watch the news, so what do i know? But December did find a way to wrap itself up neatly and tightly. The holidays were, in a word, hitchless… if that is […]