the weekend flu by…

don’t tell Betsy– but yep, its the flu. apparently its making its rounds faster than the hottest celeb gossip… the BFF has it, as does her BF… the people at work are dropping like flies (and blaming ME for it… uggh!)… and the fingers are tightly crossed in hopes that AJ does not get it.

i must, must, MUST get better soon — a big week is ahead — in just a few hours, really– and i must be in tip-top shape for BK’s wedding… and i will NOT let her know of all this drama because i remember that week prior to my wedding– no unnecessary info necessary…

but i have been resting. resting until i am sick of resting, and then resting some more. thank goodness for weekends.

this morning i was so looking forward to a hot, steamy shower to wash off all the sickies… but instead, i had to wisk Lucy into the shower with me, as she chose to stand under THOR as he pee’d on the bushes…. classy. but now she’s a fluffy, clean babers!

nutty dog.


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