its cold… and i have one… bugger!

negative 2 degrees. do you understand what that feels like? its cold to the bone. people are walking around downtown with their scarves over their faces so they don’t have to breathe in the coldness. i won’t even try to explain what the windchill is like, and how much colder it makes everything.

on top of that, i HAVE a cold. bugger! it started precisely at 12:13am on Saturday morning, as we were driving the blushing groom-to-be (Wyatt) home from a night out with friends, to get some good rest before the big day….

my cold started as a scratchy throat from hell, and has, within the last 24-hours, progressed up into my nose with lots of goo…. but i am hoping it finds its way out of me soon… i have a big weekend coming up –beer and hockey!

I am walking around in a stuffy-nosed haze and most of the people here at work are telling me to go home. why won’t i listen to them? i am brewing a personal vendetta with NyQuil because it has not knocked me out at all in the last three nights… and i fear that my husband will never get any sleep. the dogs, though, sleep right through it. no worries. bugger!

but, enough about me and my mucous.

here are some fun photos from Wyatt & Gerty’s wedding weekend of fun…. and until next time, i will be spraying lysol on anything i touch!

The Groom & Best Man, all gussied up for a big day!


silly, silly

the blessing

the proud parents of the groom – i love this photo!

The Maids Toast

the BEST Best Man Speech I have Ever Heard! (well, Doug’s was pretty good, too!)

obligatory Becker photo


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