on the eve of my 29th year



Thirty, minus one.

the age that most women “pretend to be from this point forward.”

oy vey.
however did it come to this. honestly. i feel like maybe this should only be 27. surely, i am wiser than 24, and older the 26, but do i really feel like i did 28 justice? i hope so, but how can one be sure?

i started the day at 4am… this time, not because Lucy needed to be let out… but because I needed to be “let out”… i even had to wake up The Lu and offer her the opportunity for a “good potty!”… if only i weren’t so OLD, i would have been able to sleep till my alarm. oh, the days of sleeping to, and even THROUGH my alarm. alas. i am growing up.

more so than you might ever believe, i guess.

yesterday, i found a stray hair on my shoulder that was once happily attached to my scalp. i lose a lot of hair. it frightens me, sometimes. this one was WHITE. that is what i would call, “Bittersweet”…

Bitter, because it was WHITE, Sweet, because the white hair was no longer on my head… but i am sure two more will grow in its place.


well, its 10:02 in the PM, and this old lady needs to drag her tired bones to bed.

So, i’ll raise a glass of Listerine to 29. May this year bring many more adventures and opportunities for growth. May i maximize all happy things and find a way to enjoy the little things (like my baby, Lucy, laying so sweetly next to me as i type), while letting go of the stressful things (like five minutes ago, when Lucy was standing just out of arm’s length barking at me for no apparent reason – without consolation.)

In turn, dear Reader (i know you are out there somewhere, friend!), i too, wish you happiness, love, grace, humility, passion and joy!

see you on the other side. possibly wiser… definitely older. 😉

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