On the Eve of My 30th Year

i just stopped by a post from one year ago today, and my-oh-my what a difference a year makes.

last year i was complaining that i had to wake up at 4am to use the Ladies’… now’a’days… i’m lucky if i make it all the way to 4am… but that’s more of a Bumpit issue, than an aging issue.

yes, tomorrow is the big three-oh. i’m pretty much not as intimidated by it as i thought i might be oh, say, 365 days ago. i guess my priorities have changed… or at least i have a little more on my mind than a pity party.

c’est la vie.

i did find it funny though, that i received an email from my dad earlier this week. he was forwarding an email message from an intern at his office that i happen to know. the note said something to the effect of the following:
“After what seemed to be the longest year of my life I can happily say I am finally 21!!
There are cookies up front for everyone to enjoy.. some chocolate chip, M&M, and Reeses Pieces!”

isn’t it funny that you count down the days to 21… but then you start trying to find ways to stop counting toward subsequent years?

ah, life… gotta love it… it’s the only one we’ll get!


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